Father Light

Posted on February 7, 2022

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Father Light

Before moving on to a new project I decided to create a daytime version of “Mother Night“. The title is simple symmetry. I hope you enjoy it!!

I also played around with animating the nighttime scene over the past week. It’s always been tempting to animate these scenes but the night version rendered particularly quickly so I was able to do some experimentation. Are you guys even interested in animated wallpaper??

4 thoughts on "Father Light"

  1. Jill Ferris [Lifetime] says:

    Looking forward to a 3 screen download…. Very pretty!

  2. Megan Johnson [] says:

    Yes! I have been dreaming about animated wallpapers from DB for years!

  3. Cathy Warren [Lifetime Plus] says:

    This is so beautiful Ryan I love it, it’s even better than the night version and that one is amazing.

  4. Joseph Bernard [Lifetime Plus] says:

    Dude… bring on the animation.

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