The Forest Queen


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Kingdom: Created 8/9/98. Once I saw that a horse model came with Poser 3, I had to try it out. The trees are my own creation using lattices for the trunks and grouped spheres for the leaves. I think the effect is more realistic farther away.

Watch this one for possible updates

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6 reviews for The Forest Queen

  1. John

    I totally agree with Terry and Dr. Mobius, but mostly with terry. I only discovered your site last year but I really love the feel that these old pictures give. I enjoy the feel that the new pictures give equally, but it would be nice to see just a few more “retro” images. I also really like it when you put creatures and especially weird looking humans in your art (the posers are my favorite).

  2. Dr. Mobius

    I’m not a big fan of unicorns myself but DB could definitely use more creatures. I tire of empty landscapes all the time. They should be populated.

  3. Terry

    Hi Ryan,

    Just a quick comment actually, would it be possible to put a link to the actual image within the “New comments page”, at the moment simply clicking the image brings you here.

    Also another challenge for you which I think would be interesting. These older images have a knd of “retro” feel to them now. The modern technology seems ot make things look “real” with little effort now. I was wondering could you create an image, possibly a remake of this but create a retro look with the new technology. I’m not sating make the trees like balls of gree as they are here but somehow make them “unreal”. could be interesting…

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  4. iMark

    This one would look awesome re-made *hint* *hint*. No, really.

  5. asterismW

    I agree with iMark. I remember seeing this for the first time, loving it, and hoping I’d get to see an updated version of it someday.

  6. Terry

    Just saw this image when checking out the old version of your latest wrok, its amazing to see how both you and the technology have evolved!

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