Arbor Day


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7 reviews for Arbor Day

  1. Anon [basicmember]

    This must rank as one of the most mysterious works on this site. Just what is going on with this one? What are those weird grid-like structures? What’s with the tree and the reflective bridge-like structure it’s on? Is this a futuristic setting?

    I might be overthinking it. It might be something really basic but rendered bizarre due to the limitations of both the technology and the artist at the time. Still, the enigmatic quality of the work (intentional or not) makes it a fascinating and memerable work nevertheless.

    It would be nice to see this one revisited, though I doubt its artist will do so. It may also be the case that a work like this cannot be updated and made more comprehensible without losing its enigmatic character. The way it exists with this early rendition is the only way it can exist without ceasing to be what it is.

  2. Bart [liferplus]

  3. Sniper

    Please, please redo this! It’s beautiful!

  4. Dylan

    Count me in on those who would like to see you revisit this idea with newer technology and make a night scene out of it. I’m trying to imagine what that would look like…I think this one in particular is ripe for an update.

  5. anonymous

    this would be so sick redone as a night scene

  6. Mike Barber


  7. MC

    The only living green thing in a city full of steel and lights…such a great idea!!!

    I third that night scene. And a redo, of course.

    Images like one this made me a member. Keep it up!

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