The Comb


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8 reviews for The Comb

  1. Trevor [lifer]


    Any word of any possibility of getting these redone for today’s monitors? A 3-screen rendition would be ideal.

  2. Chris

    I’m in agreement with Andrew, it would be awesome to have a full dual-widescreen version of this (and an iPad HD version), or maybe an updated version entirely!

  3. Andrew

    Can we get a dual 16:10 render of this image?? Looks awesome!

  4. Jenanne

    Thank you so much, Ryan, for adding back the purple comb. You are the best!

  5. Jenanne

    Hi Ryan:

    What happened to the purple comb in the picklejar? It’s my fav, and I accidently deleted my copies. All the other colors are there, but purple mysteriously vanished. Please bring it back!

  6. joe

    remindes me of a big bee nest full of sweet honey 😀

  7. bart

    please hook us up with a tri-screen render!

  8. Justin B.

    I love this (or rather, these, since you rightly made several color variations-all are great) wallpaper. It’s one that truly conveys a 3-D feeling, it gives the same sensation of looking down while going over top of a roller coaster’s first drop. It’s rated too low by others.

    Have you ever thought of doing something like a roller coaster render, from the perspective of the top of the first drop? That may be an idea to consider; I’d sure like to see one.

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