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Wallpaper À La Carte

Wallpaper À La Carte

The a la carte tool is intended for non-Members who which to purchase individual wallpapers. Members can use this tool if they wish to send images as gifts to friends and loved ones.

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5 reviews for The Source

  1. Ben B.

    I will be the broken record, more resolution options please! This has been one of my favs because I love the movie The Dark Crystal.

  2. Ian H.

    I second the notion about more widescreen options, 1920×1080 would be amazing. I love the red variation, and having it at my native resolution would make it perfect!

  3. James

    Please Remake this with your new abilitys/skills



  4. Richard H.

    I second Scott’s comment. Having just paid for a lifetime membership, I’m going through and getting higher resolution versions of a lot of pictures, and what I’m finding is that there are often some really good alternatives in the pickle jar, which I like a lot, yet they’re nearly always restricted to 1600×1200 resolution, which is really frustrating. The Source is an excellent example: there are some beautiful pickle jar alternatives (some of which I think I prefer to the ‘official’ version) and I’d love to download them all, but I really want them in the native resolution for my screen, which is 1920×1200. Could you please look into this? Particularly where the pickle jar versions are significantly different from the ‘official’ image (as here), it’d be so nice to have them in the same wide choice of resolutions. Thanks a lot.

  5. Scott

    This has long been one of my favorites; however, I actually like several of the Pickle Jar colored versions better than the final. Only problem is, they aren’t available as widescreen papers… I figure you don’t usually take requests, but is there any chance of rendering widescreen versions of the Pickle Jar renders?

    Keep up the excellent work!

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