Sleepwalker — Halloween 1998


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4 reviews for Sleepwalker — Halloween 1998

  1. Gene [lifer]

    Me, when it comes to groveling about remakes! Seriously, though, I can’t emphasize enough that, from a DB fan’s point of view, this one is, as I noted previously, an unmined vein of pure gold. Halloween is coming! Nevermind pantywaist trick-or-treat stuff — what says Halloween better than an apocalyptic graveyard with hints of nuclear obliteration? OK, you might soften it a bit to keep it “fun,” still keeping the essence. Of course, it’s your work, so all of us who properly respect and appreciate it will happily take whatever you decide to publish (even if that doesn’t include our favored remakes). Yes still, I grovel… 😉

  2. Gene [lifer]

    There’s apocalyptic gold lurking just beneath the 20 year-old veneer of this DB classic. Hint, hint… 😉

  3. Liz

    Very dry, lonely, forgotten ones; Kudos to DB!

  4. Justin B.

    This one falls just short of “Gotham” for me as my favorite of 1998, close second.

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