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My first render using Apophysis since 2017. Back then I created piece called “Cynosure” after following a tutorial on creating fractal flowers (with quite a bit of deviation). I’d meant to do a few more but got sidetracked for whatever reason.

I started from the same basic steps for this one but went for a more traditional flower look. I’m still deciding if I like the “sparkles” or not. What do you think?

Since both Shadowfax and Bucephalus are busy rendering I developed this one on Ian’s gaming computer while he was at school.

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37 reviews for Shadowbloom

  1. lordanubis [lifer]

    love these types of abstract renders you make ! superb like always! best regards,


  2. mollycule [nonmonthly]

    Gorgeous! Neat colors, love the bioluminescence, love the glowing dots.

  3. Matticussimuss [basicmember]

    Hi Ryan,

    I love this one!

    Be well,


  4. Redwingsfan1117 [basicmember]

    Ryan, I was a member years ago and for whatever stupid reason, let my membership laps. I have been following you on both Facebook and Instagram since before that and have always loved your work. I finally made the time today and re-subscribed! Keeps up the awesome and awe inspiring artwork!

  5. Jenanne [liferplus]

    At first I disagreed with the switch of 1 and 3, but the more I look at 3 the more I like it. It’s really striking on my phone screen. I don’t suppose some color variations would be possible (purple, blue, etc.)? Pretty please?

  6. Jimbo [basicmember]

    … A plant that shows a warm glow on a winter’s night – but will the stars in the leaves come out on a cloudy night?

    Let’s see how it looks in my Winter Wallpaper collection.

  7. Ryan

    I made an executive decision and will be featuring Shadowbloom 3 going forward. 1 and 2 will be available in the Pickle Jar.

  8. Martin [lifer]

    Hi. So far, I like the original best, but this is pending the pickle jar review (which includes setting the pix as DeskTop bg) … We’ll see …

  9. Susan [basicmember]

    I like the sparkles, they really set it off. I think the whole thing is lovely.

  10. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Thank you, Ryan, for the lovely picklejar renders!

  11. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Love these, simple but so much beauty, some of fav’s Thank You Ryan

  12. Mike [basicmember]

    I always seem to like the simple flower ones you create. They are simple but there is so much depth to them. Great for backgrounds.

  13. Mitymous [lifer]

    On the desktop – clean, simple, love it!

  14. Todd Heath [lifer]

    One of your best yet, it has a simple elegance to it.

  15. Geoff Allison [patronmember]

    These sorts of images are some of my favourites and I really love this one ! Brilliant !

  16. Martin [lifer]

    I already wrote you a PS in an e-mail, replying to your automated new pic e-mail, but I’ll say it again here:

    Your best, by far … I even like it better than Fluorescence …

  17. Gabriel [liferplus]

    This is the best flower I’ve seen from you, Ryan! Just wonderful!

  18. Deidre [basicmember]

    This it’s absolutely lovely as my mobile wallpaper

  19. Marco Viti [lifer]

    I love so much this wallpaper. I’m proud to be a Patreon of Digital Blasphemy.

  20. Jacob [lifer]

    I want to say that I really like this picture and is my current desktop. Think you could do something related to the protomocule from The Expanse?

  21. Dennis B. [plusmember]

    Well done, Ryan. The petal details and shadows colors are subdued yet vividly highlighted with the crimson center and light polyps. A dark beauty.

  22. Brian [basicmember]

    This one definitely landed on my list of top DB renders of all time. The sparkles are a nice touch but we need another version without sparkles to help you decide.

  23. Ben [lifer]

    I like the sparkles. With the black background it looks a bit like it’s a natural occurrence in space.

  24. Oskar [lifer]

    I love this! Many thanks! Oskar

  25. Marty [nonmonthly]

    Wow. The best wallpaper in a while. Love it.

  26. Jenanne [liferplus]

    You are on a roll, Ryan!

  27. Xetal [liferplus]

    Right up there with your best florals ever!

  28. Aslan [liferplus]

    Absolutely love it.

    Thanks for the multi-screens too.

  29. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    Great render, clean and neat. I like the dark vs light suggestion the simplicity of it is pleasing vs something that’s just too busy to focus on.

  30. eyal [lifer]

    very beautiful. And thanks for the ‘built-in’ Multi-Screen renders!! 🙂

  31. Greg [nonmonthly]

    Call me too particular, but I always use your 5760×1200 triple screen images.

    Any chance you’ll add that soon?

  32. Doug [liferplus]

    More, please (color variants)

  33. Matt L [basicmember]

    breath taking!

  34. Corwin [nonmonthly]

    I really love this rose. Beautiful colors. I also love how it almost see through, but not quite.

  35. ChrisW [basicmember]

    I wish black roses really existed in nature…but, this is the next best thing. Excellent!

    I also liked “Electric Dahlia” and “Nightshade,” btw, but this? Third time’s the charm.

  36. Rob [basicmember]

    I dig the flower and the sparkles, but since you’re not sure about them, maybe if they had a purpose…like they were stars forming the Shadowbloom constellation? Not sure how much work that would be to place the sparkles in places to do that, but it could be cool.

  37. Marian [lifer]

    This is more abstract than I usually like, but I LOVE it. Delicate. Flower. Blue. Soothing, just striking.

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