The Shaded Path (Seasons)


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This is a “mash-up” of the three “Shaded Path” seasonal renders
that’ve completed to date. I put this together originally simply
as a header for my page listing the different versions. People
saw it, however, and thought it would make a nice wallpaper by

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26 reviews for The Shaded Path (Seasons)

  1. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    The picture of a great forest glade. I’d take a meditative walk along this path through the trees.

  2. Bella [nonmonthly]

    An absolutely beautiful piece!

  3. Avery

    Absolutely captivating. The beauty of all four seasons held in one image. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent for all these years Ryan.

  4. ZUL

    I think they call this a “fusion” of wallpapers 🙂

  5. Jenanne

    Art-in-Design appears to be a UK company, not an American company.

  6. Jenanne

    Well, wouldn’t this be a great time for all us loyal fans to contact Art-in-Design and tell them how devastatedly disappointed we are that your wonderful artwork will no longer be available on their Christmas cards. I know I’m biased, but their card selection is really underwhelming, except for the lone DB card Blue Christmas 2011 under the name “Christmas Glow” that’s still on their site. 😉

  7. JD

    Sorry that sponsorship ended Ryan.New corporate America are run by morons and not by creative people like yourself..As a 15 year subscriber here, I always appreciate your work.Anyway have a great holiday season.

  8. Ryan

    Sorry JD. I had intended “Perseverance” to be my Christmas offering for this year but it took a bit of a detour en route.To be honest with you, most of the impetus behind the “yearly” Christmas renders was so that I could license them to Art-in-Design for Christmas card printing. They paid me very handsomely year-to-year for this. Unfortunately they were sold last year to a new company and my relationship with them is over 🙁

  9. JD

    I hope this isn’t your Christmas 2013 wallpaper entry!

  10. teddeler

    Another vote for “love it!”

  11. John

    I like the concept and I think it’s well done. I have triple screen and with the image having more room to make the transition it’s even better.

  12. Jenanne

    Dazzlingly beautiful. The way spring/summer shifts into autumn and then winter is seamless. You know what this means, though, Ryan — your fans will be clamoring for “seasons” versions for all of your other popular seasonal series: Canopy Creek, At World’s Edge, Gotham Garden, and of course the Highland series. 🙂

  13. Kelton

    This is just awesome. Incredible! Amazing….

  14. Chris B

    that is just awesome, I love how the transitions even spread to each individual branch. Just Amazing!

  15. BobC

    This is actually quite stunning. I don’t claim to understand why, but it’s a home run!

  16. Alex

    Just incredible! I really love seasonal variations of a single piece, and it’s extra interesting to see them all at once.

  17. MIB4u

    Whoa. Just … whoa.

  18. R

    Loving the way you are exploring new ways to play with what you have created!

  19. Kyle

    Talk about telling a story with a picture…

  20. Adam

    One of the coolest uses of your different seasonal variations. Love the concept of this one.

  21. Sharon

    Beautiful. I’m really loving the Christmas one.

  22. Stargazer

    Could you do this very pic only at night with a moon glow coming thru those leaves at the top with different colored christmas lights?

  23. Terry

    Love it!

  24. Chris

    so good. iPad/iPhone HD?

  25. Eric

    I love the Transitions. Even the muted sun rays for each season are spot on. Bravo!

  26. Jason

    So glad you listen to your fans!

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