Spirit of the Season — Christmas 2002


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5 reviews for Spirit of the Season — Christmas 2002

  1. Gene [lifer]

    I certainly love your current work, and how it’s progressed over the years, still, this Christmas picture remains one of my favorites from your collection.

    I respectfully encourage you (let me know if begging would be more effective! 😉 ) to revisit this one. No much at all would need to be changed, but I’m sure that the better tools at hand, as well as your vision, grown by fourteen more years, would produce something extra special.

    Should you take this on, I’ll point out one specific small thing. Look at the top of what I’ll call the center candle. There is what appears to be a shadow on the edge of the hot wax pool. To my eye, this makes the liquid wax pool appear as a 2D disc being “peeled” up from the solid surface. This is, nevertheless, a very minor issue, and I still love the piece.

    And, of course, it’s your site and your work, and I’m not trying to dictate to you. If you don’t take it on, I’ll just keep enjoying this old one — and all your new stuff too. But those candles are a great, timeless expression of holiday warmth and comfort. As always, WELL DONE!

  2. Lincoln

    Love this one as well. Gave it a “10” too as I feel the rating is way too long for this 1. Would love to see a possible “updated” version of this concept in the future. Still this image is a classic and one of my all-time Christmas favorites.

  3. Googlingoo

    So much like

    Christmas Eve Mass

    Right on

  4. Michael

    I’m suprised this image had a score of 6.5. I can feel the warmth of the candles. I’m glad I became a member to have beautiful wallpaper like this on my computer.

  5. TAZyaqui

    This is a nice picture with a taste of Christmas or it could even be a spiritual picture like candles in a church.

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