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7 reviews for Scrutiny

  1. Daemonyx [basicmember]

    I love the idea behind this image. Very stark and creative. I know this is some of your older work and you’ve so many better tools today. Is it possible for you to re-create this into a newer model? I’d love to see what you could do with it! At the very least if you could make it into a larger size that would be amazing 😀

  2. Halo [basicmember]

    Simple. Powerful. Evocative. Re-imagine this one again someday…although practically perfect still to this day.

  3. cvb66

    This is one interpretation of our creator.

  4. SergioM

    Another one i would like to see remaked.

  5. Romann

    I look at the newer renders of landscapes and macro/micro-scoped settings at wonder but without necessarily being drawn into a world in motion, yet when I see this relatively simplistic image, I’m immediately struck by it’s clearly apparent story, which is only really approximated by the more recent cityscapes in inferred back story.

    What chance would there be in attempting a re-imagining of this image to try and capture the story again?

  6. Anonymouse

    Might the beam illuminate the skeleton in a futire render, perhaps?

  7. John

    I really like this picture. I really like it when the pictures have titles that make the picture even better. Another example would be “What does it want?”. Also, I was wondering which of these pictures was your first.

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