River Valley Dawn


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55 reviews for River Valley Dawn

  1. mischa

    i cant believe i only just discovered this masterpiece! totaly one of your best ryan, great work! 🙂

  2. Tyler

    Dear Ryan,

    I love this one. Your skill with rendering clouds is unmatched. The red hue is just satisfying to look at. Having viewed your art for 6 years now, I’m safe in saying that landscapes are really one of your stronger suits.

  3. Ryan

    Thanks Taylor. The 1280 x 800 file should look better now.

  4. Taylor

    1280×800 wide didn’t render right! It’s all gray!

  5. Minh

    Very nice, awesome background I love the colors. Keep up the good work.

  6. Maria

    very nice. Dark and brooding. I like it. It’s my new Myspace page background. 🙂

  7. Chris

    Definatly better then the day version the shades in the clouds give the pic a realitic feel to it. like its a real place. Iam a new member and sill browsing ur stuff. I’m thrilled that i bought a membership

  8. Chris

    I think it was said before, but the colors are more representative of evening rather than morning. This just became my new background…

  9. Saranna

    I like this one. Took me a while to come look at it, but I’ve now switched to this one for my backdrop over the daylight one 😀

  10. Anne

    as usual…

  11. Bob

    The fact that the clouds are exactly the same as the day one is off-putting

  12. XAtrusX

    I am waiting for you to make this amazing egyptian piece. With pyramids in the background but with something completely different about them. But in other words I like the river valley dawn better than the day version.

  13. Jluv

    I like this better than the day version. but then i’m a night guy.

  14. rene

    yep it is, the day one looks weird abit non realistic,

  15. Scooby0924

    It was when I first joined…since then, ive enjoyed every awesome wallpaper you’ve given us. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    I got 3 of my own…All 5 and under, in my case, my oldest will be building PC’s very soon. High end Nvidia 8800’s and 680i chipsets are my thing! lol! Good luck to her!

  16. Praksis

    Wow, I do remember that anouncement…time does fly. Happy 4th to him!

    And I actually like the sunset version of this one better. The green is nice, but sunrise/sunsets always make for better pictures & settings. A calm & reflective time. I’d comment on the quality of the work, but for a very long time that can only be stated as variations on amazing.

    Cheers to you!

  17. Eric

    I like the clouds and the mountin view, but I think the base of the image where the river is is way to dark.

  18. Matt

    in the gallery it goes!

  19. Lando

    This image is absolutely gorgeous. In my mind, it rivals the day/night versions of The Vault, both of which I love. I think doing the time/lighting variations of these kinds of images is an awesome idea and this one is great. Put it in the gallery and make it official!

  20. NikB

    First off, I do think this is a nice image. But, like a few others, I think overall it’s too dark. Maybe if you render this as though it’s a little later in the morning with some more orange light – something like Biodome Sunset (yes, I know it’s a different time of day) then I think that would improve it. Otherwise I think leave it in the Pickle Jar.


  21. M Burgess

    I really like this, in fact I prefer it to the original. I really like darker images because they make better desktop backgrounds. Thanks!

  22. Patrick

    Very nice. I like it better. Can’t really say why.

  23. airships

    I like what you’ve done to the lighting. I do feel this captures what you really see at dawn but after having spent time looking at the immense details of the daylight versions I know much is lost in shadows here.

    It might just be a function of which you see first. If this had been presented first, the daylight versions would have likely been too bright and killed the soft mood set by this piece.

    All and all, great set.

  24. Emily

    Love it!

  25. Jenna

    I really like this version. The sky is usually lighter during sunrise, not just red light, but overall I really like this one.

  26. sanven

    My vote: Gallery + 3480×1200 wide screen version! 😀 please? 😀

  27. sanven

    and of course! Happy Birthday Ian!!

  28. Joss

    Hey, this looks great, I love the orange now look on the top of the mountain. It’s great.

    I think I even voted it better than the day time original!

    Nice work 🙂

  29. Terry

    I actually prefer this one I think, I always like your dawn / dusk images, osmehting baout the lighting. I do remember you saying baout Ian being born actually, its amazing how time flies. hope he has a good one on his birthday!


  30. Geoff

    I think this image should be removed from the pickle jar and added to the gallery, it is quite exceptional.

  31. Lee

    I prefer darker images for my desktop, so I prefer this to the day image. Plus the mountian’s shape stands out less (I found it too distracting in the day version).

  32. Eugenio

    i really like this one better, im just like the person below me, i prefer the darker versions of images for my desktop but even ignoring my preference i believe that this one is better than the original much more play with the light and the shapes of the mountains dont look off cause of all the shadow.. its just more pleasing to the eye ^_^

    and happy birthday to Ian. at the time he was born i wasn’t a member yet but i WAS already stealing images from free gal. XD

  33. Jason

    Keep working on your new image. This one is kind of cool but just doesn’t suprise me with awe like the other night scenes.

  34. Peter

    Definitely move this out of the pickle jar.


  35. Pat

    Definitely make this one official. The new lighting takes away from the hershey kiss effect that it had before. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with multiple screens of this.

    Very nice.

  36. Tril

    Not my sort of thing…the coloring is a little too lurid. Sounds like I’m in the minority though.

  37. Dan

    Hey Ryan,

    Love this new version of River Valley. The red’s of the dawn sky really give it a completely different feal and aura compared to the normal River Valley. I think this deserves to be it’s own image rather than being stuffed away in the pickle jar.

    Definetly got a nice feel and some nice colour combinations that some of the recent images have been missing I think.

    Keep up the brilliant work!

  38. aaron

    This is a great wallpaper on any desktop, i think the two versions of river valley are equally good

  39. Manhawke

    I like the idea! Please make a DAWN version of this creation. I like the idea of seeing light grazing the treetops.

  40. V–Z

    I agree with one of the other comments that it’s a little on the lurid side. I would personally go for the sun a couple degrees higher in the sky.

    Also – I think it would *really* add an air of “morningness” to the picture to drop the cloud layer down into the valley below the camera level river fog. It’ll take a little tweaking, but I think it could really add to this version a LOT.

  41. Erik

    Because of the angle the sun is rising, too much of the front right of the picture is dark. Change it around so the sun rises on the left side of the picture, thus that hillside in the front right would light up a just a little giving some more definition to the frame.

  42. iMark

    This is by far the best of the 3 images. I kind of need my monitor quite bright to see some of the detail by the river, but I quite like that. You know, as the day gets brighter, I turn the brightness up, and dawn happens! This is great!!! Glad you decided to post it, and good luck on your new project!!

  43. jason

    Yeah you should definitely make this its own image. It’d fit nicely on my dual widescreens =P

  44. Larry

    Excellent. Best of the three.

  45. Larry

    Another prime example of dread thumbnail deception!

  46. Brain1701

    Wonderful!!! I would love to see a dual/triple screen version for my system!!!

  47. Overdrive

    Only the river seems a little too bright (it should reflect the sky, which is darker) and also a little off-color, but I really like the fresh warm light of the sun on the clouds and the landscape. Very stylish, wonderful mood.


  48. klaxxin

    It’s more than good enough to add to the main gallery. Not only do I like this one better than River Valley, I just changed this to my wallpaper.

  49. G

    It seems a bit unrealistic how the light is hitting the mountain; and there is an awful lot of detailess black in the foreground, so I’d say it’s best left in the jar. Seems a bit like cheating to get this years total up otherwise 😛

  50. Topher

    I may like this one better than the original. Most excellent.

  51. Reaighn

    While I have to say that if I sat and studied it, I may find some problems with it…

    But I think it’s a darn good picture, and I’m happy to have it on my background.

  52. guate6

    I really love the way the Dawn version looks! Of course the original is excellent, but I say put both in the gallery!

  53. guate6

    I read through some more comments and figured I’d give a little input too. I think the clouds should be a bit different from the day time (just a notch, not anything too different), and two, the lighting is excellent. I’m a nature photographer (amongst other things), and can attest to this scene being realistic. The river is great (and of course, if you couldn’t see the river, the name wouldn’t be right), the colors are great, I really like it!.

    And Happy Birthday to Ian!

  54. Doug M

    Hey, I think it’s awesome. It could a little touch-up in the grass in the bottom right section, but it’s definitely a keeper.

  55. Kris

    I have never left any comments here and generally just lurk.I think this one is a keeper and should come out for all to see, it is beautiful 😉 Thanks for all your hard work

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