A Rare Alignment


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I created this scene on my old Bucephalus workstation using good old Lightwave 11. Newer software doesn’t seem to run that well on the old machine so I thought it would be appropriate to do a “throwback” piece of sorts, inspired by my very first Bryce planetscapes from the 90s.

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A Rare Alignment Dual

14 reviews for A Rare Alignment

  1. Jason [lifer]

    Is there a problem with the 1080(macOS) triple-screen resolution? I have tried downloading it several times and something seems off. Thanks!

  2. GrnRaptor [lifer]

    Now this is the kind of render I signed up for! Simple, but appealing! I love that you found a way to include the primary colors as distinct items on their own worlds in a way that feels natural.

  3. Unclegumby [lifer]

    5760 x 1080 is pointing to the size 1680×315

  4. Steve H [basicmember]

    Love this one – also looking forward to a dual screen version :-)!

  5. Michael S [lifer]

    Missing iPhone 6/7/8

  6. leloir [basicmember]

    ohhh ! I love this one !

  7. cutterman [basicmember]

    Beautiful – love your planetscapes and was getting tired of all those millions of trees.

  8. Skylark159 [basicmember]

    I love that you decided to go back to the old days on this one. it has charm and an edge. This reminds me of your older work for sure when you pushed the software to its limits. 😀

  9. BobC [lifer]

    Nothing profound here, just a lot of fun with color, texture, reflectivity, etc. and the, as you say, “throwback” tribute to your own early work. Thanks for giving us this piece of eye candy.

  10. Ramon R [liferplus]

    You had me at dark…

    Love your work brother, as always KEEP IT UP. By far one of the best digital artists out there, without a doubt.

  11. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is another unique render. Great Job Ryan!!!

  12. Renrie [nonmonthly]

    Beautiful – I always love your planetscapes. I’ll be waiting for the multiscreen renderings 🙂

  13. tboward [donormember]

    Excellent! Thank you for reviving an old favorite from back in the day.

  14. LanceX [basicmember]

    Great insight into your “Golden Age”

    Incredible piece Ryan! Keep us guessing sir.

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