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I set out to update Brainstorm from 1999 but came up with something quite different. Rendered using Lightwave 11.

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24 reviews for Persona

  1. Ben K [nonmonthly]

    Not enough definition for me. The human figure blends in too much, maybe the particles are too small, I’m not really sure what it is, but I like a few other works similar to this one quite a bit more.

  2. Camp [basicmember]

    Definitely one of my favorites of 2016.

  3. Victoria M [liferplus]

    Seriously excellent. Someone mentioned the disintegration…I thought it was actually coalescing. Fabulous how that can work either way. Stunning work.

  4. Rodewaryer [basicmember]

    Almost makes one wonder if this is how an imaginative person would look to an alien lifeform. Again, great concept and unexpected.

  5. Tyler [lifer]

    Incredible I mean how can you not love this. The diversity of your talent is what drew me to a LT membership. Been supporting you for over 10 years and will continue that. I want to order some prints for my house at some point. Everyone I show your art to is amazed. Mind explosion!

  6. Dr ZUL [liferplus]

    After 20 years and hundreds of wallpapers you still never cease to amaze. You keep blowing us away Ryan. Your abstracts are equal first with your sci fi and fantasy artwork as my favorite types of wallpaper.

  7. William [basicmember]

    This is simply magnificent!

  8. Bryan [liferplus]

    This is classic Ryan Bliss abstract artwork. This looks like my mind in one of those classic software developer “ah ha” moments. “Mind blowing Bliss”.

  9. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    I Love your Abstracts, and this one is bloody awesome, Very futuristic looking. Great Work

  10. Mike [nonmonthly]

    … Unexpected because I’m usually not a big fan of your abstract work (only because I’m not that into abstracts), but I love this one. It’s great! That disintegration effect adds such a cool polygonal texture.

  11. L. [lifer]

    I LOVE this one. It just works.

  12. Welcome_Oblivion [nonmonthly]

    This one is awesome. Love it.

  13. fskjoett [liferplus]

    How would look rendered in the same style?

    Always been a favorite of mine, could use an update! ;-).

  14. Andrew [nonmonthly]

    i love these absracts of yours, the hexagon base is really working, along with the color combination!

    At this point, i have to admit, my favorite piece from You is “Nucleus (Hivemind)”, i just love the wast planes of these geometric blocks. That being said, im looking forward for Your new works!

  15. Marco [nonmonthly]

    This just impressed me the moment I saw it. I downloaded the triscreen and the detail of it is just amazing. Thanks Ryan for such beauty.

  16. Gene [lifer]

    This is a tough one for me. From a ‘technical” standpoint, I love it. It has a great dynamic quality, and the way the colors play with one another is sublime. On the other hand, I can’t separate the image from my own biases (I am a retired US Marine, and criminal defense attorney, and my work involves very frequent exposure to violence and crime, often involving gunshot injuries and death…). With that acknowledged, to me, the image says, “headshot in progress.” Splat. Almost akin to Robert Capa’s famous (infamous?) “moment of death” photo taken in the trenches during the Spanish Civil War (late 1930s). So, for the first time since I joined the site back in 2003, I’m going to respectfully decline to rate the image. I just can’t reconcile the technical quality with my feeling about the content, and averaging two marks would be meaningless.

    Still, my respect and admiration for your work, and the site, remain undiminished. Ryan, your art is rightfully the envy of many wannabes (myself included…). Thank you for keeping at it.

  17. violet [nonmonthly]

    I can’t decide if it’s too busy or if taking things away would ruin the effect and the feeling of sudden burst of intuition

  18. John [basicmember]

    I saw this posted on Facebook this morning and just Oooooooohed. That was seeing it on my smart phone. Now that I am looking at it on my computer, I am impressed.

  19. Dave [lifer]

    I love these sci-fi renenders

  20. Matt [basicmember]

    Please add 3840×1600.

  21. Zach [lifer]

    Wow, this is definitely one of the coolest remakes I’ve seen! The only nitpick that I have is that on the multiscreens (in my case, the dual), the left panel seems almost completely empty. It would be nice to have a little more activity on the screens that don’t encompass the focal point.

    Way cool, though!

  22. Bradley [basicmember]

    Wow Ryan. I don’t usually comment on these but wow!

  23. NikB [liferplus]

    Another great image, Ryan!

  24. Ryan [nonmonthly]

    Mind Blown!

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