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48 reviews for Perseverance

  1. Bryan [basicmember]

    This is one of those pictures I want to actually get sucked into and experience for myself.

  2. LVincent

    I am so drawn to this picture! Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with us!

  3. Kerry

    One of my all-time favorites. Beautiful work.

  4. Kerry

    One of my all-time favorites. Beautiful work.

  5. Kathleen

    I love the northern lights and this is the closest I will ever get to seeing them, beautiful on my monitor, thank ypu.

  6. Joe

    I like this one, and it works great on my dual 16:10 monitor setup, but on my triple 16:9, the igloo is sitting at the very bottom of the picture, which looks sorta strange. Is this supposed to be like this? I have taken the 16:10 triple and cropped it to fit with some space under the igloo.

  7. Taki

    Um…flip it so the igloo is on the RIGHT. *blush* The other left!

  8. Taki

    I adore this! The aurora is very realistic (I live in Alaska, so I feel I can say this with authority!) as well as beautiful.

    The only thing I’d like to do differently is flip it horizontally so the igloo is on the left. If I do that myself though, the watermark is backwards, and I want to give credit where credit is due. (I want to use this as a background for my Magelo Profile, which actually means I’d have to shrink it, too – since their max pic size is 800×600. Easy enough to do with any of the 4:3 ratio pics though!)

  9. Lee

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the dual screen version of this to be released, and I finally got my wish (just in time for Christmas). I hardly ever leave any kind of negative feedback, because almost all of your work doesn’t require any, but I must add my request to re-crop the dual screen image of “Perseverance”, because of the Igloo being cut off at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know how easily you could do this (or if it’s worth your time to do it), but it sure would make this image PERFECT, if it was re-cropped like that. Thanks again for all your talented work!!!!

  10. Eric

    Ryan, Thanks. Would you please take a look at 2x/perseverance12x3840.jpg and 3x/perseverance13x1440p.jpg they seem to have a strange diagonal cut (lower left going up on the right side about an inch). This is what I initially saw, and still do. I’ve cleared my cache (FF) and also tried it in IE. Same in both. If this is as intended – okay.

  11. Jack

    5760×1080 cuts off igloo. Any chance of a re-crop?

  12. Brian

    I like the single screen version of this one. The warmth of the igloo contrasted to the aurora is wonderful.

    I downloaded the dual 16:9 image and the bottom of the igloo is cut off. I checked a different size (dual 16:10) and it includes that portion. Any way to render it a little more “zoomed out” to include the whole image, even when cropped to 16:9?

    I love all your awesome artwork!

  13. Ryan

    Yes, as I mentioned on the news page, I wasn’t completely happy with how this one turned out. The bottom half will definitely get a redo. I won’t look like the single-screen unfortunately no matter what I do. The frame isn’t tall enough to fit aurora and surrounding glow. I will do my best though!

  14. Eric


    The Dual/Triple screens look like the bottom of the image did not completely render. On the single screen you can see the igloo glowing 360° on the ice, but on the D/T screens the glow is cut off on the ice [floor].

    I call “Do over!” 🙂

  15. Steve

    I just found it on my own.. doh! Thanks 🙂

  16. Steve

    Ryan, can you put together or point out a compilation of your Christmas images? Thanks!

  17. Ryan

    The multiscreen version is rendering now. Hope to have it up soon!

  18. Mark

    Beautiful. Dual screen, please!

  19. JoeB

    Make it a triple-screen, and it’ll be perfect. More of that awesome sky to see.

  20. Dustin

    Absolutely beautiful! A stunning scene that just looks awesome! The sky and the tree line and the igloo are just great! Keep up the fantastic work! Also, it’s very fitting considering the 2 feet of snow I’m currently under 🙂

  21. Mangoman

    As an answer to JMK in CT: Who’s to say there wasn’t a snowstorm that obliterated any traces of humanity; footprints, or whatever it would be? C’mon, use yer imagination! Then from others there’s “tone this down, tone that down, this is great, BUT… overpowering. Not enough of this, not enough of that”. Ryan, it looks fantastic. Don’t change a thing. ‘Nuff Sedd.

  22. Robert

    Great pic. Haven’t visited the site for awhile and this is an appropriate pic for waking up to 3″ of snow and a 4 degree F windchill

  23. Cody

    I love the feel of this one, however I think the aurora should be toned down a bit. In this first version the aurora looks rather solid, like clouds being illuminate somehow; I think it should be wispier and broken up a bit.

  24. Rankin

    The scene itself sir is beautifully done but I feel the lighting inside of the igloo could use some toning down. It’s too bright in my opinion. Now that aurora on the other hand; I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it before sir but you did a great job capturing the wave like motions of it.

  25. Brad M.

    Cold & elegant. Very nice.

  26. George

    Great idea. I find the light coming out of the igloo overpowering. It draws too much attention and detracts from the rest of the piece.

  27. Lee

    I really like this one. Perfect for the coming cold weather. I can’t wait until you render it for dual screens!!!

  28. Kevin part

    I actually think I have a great idea – what about if the igloo was resting on a small snowy hill and the right side of the screen was a frozen lake. You could have light reflecting from the sky on the lake and lighting up the trees – which could serve to contrast the trees with the mountains in the backdrop!

    I would be eternally grateful if you would make such a piece. Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read the comments. Thank you.

  29. Kevin part

    I actually think I have a great idea – what about if the igloo was resting on a small snowy hill and the right side of the screen was a frozen lake. You could have light reflecting from the sky on the lake and lighting up the trees – which could serve to contrast the trees with the mountains in the backdrop!

    I would be eternally grateful if you would make such a piece. Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read the comments. Thank you.

  30. Kevin

    This piece has the potential to be one of my top 10 favorites you’ve made. (member for almost 10 years) (wow I’m getting old..).

    Consider adding more detail to the snow in particular. The trees would be well-served to have more detail as well – maybe by dding more light to the backdrop of trees and distinguish the mountains behind them towards the right side.

    Hope this gets seen. Thanks for all your work Ryan. All the best to you and your family.

  31. Jenanne

    I love this one! It’s so beautiful. I agree a Christmas version would be awesome — perhaps the trees surrounding the igloo could be lit with Xmas lights?

  32. Chris

    it’s pretty … would love the lake idea … could you put out the HD versions for iPhone and iPad?

  33. Jen

    This is whimsical and wonderful. Perfect pick me up for a snowy day. Absolutely perfect and looking forward to a dual screen where the main focus is on the left. Thank you!

  34. Sharon

    This made me laugh. Love the title. 🙂

  35. John in CT

    This is great! Is it too over the top if I ask if you would make a Christmas version of this?

  36. Fiona

    Love this one. It seemed very familiar, and then I remembered that I have a photo I downloaded from Webshots years ago that is very similar. Main difference in the photo is that instead of an igloo, it is a small tent which is lit from the inside.

  37. JMK in CT

    OK, I need to be a little logical here. First, yes its a nice piece BUT if someone built an igloo in the middle of nowhere where are their tracks? They had to build it out of snow. I see nothing in the scene showing where the blocks came from. Finally, I dont think the snow would be translucent enough to let the light of the fire bleed thru unless it was a very large fire but then that would melt the snow. However, I do love the sky.

  38. James

    A stunningly beautiful image. Amazing!

  39. JK

    Nice.. but the 4k image is either truncated or perhaps it’s still uploading? I only get the top 4/5ths of the image, cuts off at the middle of the igloo.

  40. Apollonia

    ‘Perseverance’ resonates with the rhythm and beauty of nature. It is indeed beautiful.

  41. Maddie

    Stunning. Instant favorite.

  42. John

    OMG… the best I have seen in a looooong time.

  43. Alec

    Pieces like this are the reason I got a lifetime subscription

  44. Mangoman

    Correction: I meant to say they’ll move ON their own. Sorry. Beautiful, Gorgeous,… as the kids say…whatever. It’s all of that, and the most.

  45. Mangoman

    To say it’s beautiful is quite an understatement and an insult to this work, not that anyone’s done that. This one is nothing short of gorgeous! You look at it long enough, and those swirls of light of the Aurora will start to move one their own! It is so enigmatic in such a simple way, it’s elusive to convey how to best describe it. How ’bout this: It’s cool, man. One of your absolute best, Ryan. Thank you for your wonderfully spirit-guided talent put to use, always a blessing to us all.

  46. BobC

    It IS quite beautiful AND actually made me LOL!

  47. Speedy J

    Absolutely Beautiful Wallpaper. I love it!

    Keep up the great work Rayan!

  48. Hoverwolf1

    First reaction: Ooooo. I do have to wonder what’s going on in the igloo to make it glow like that.

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