Painted Sky (Night)


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The original “Painted Sky” from last year sits at #2 on my all-time Top Rated list so it seemed natural to create a night-time scene. My night version dials back some of the clouds which gave the original its title but I think it still works. I hope you enjoy it at least as much as a “day” version!

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13 reviews for Painted Sky (Night)

  1. Pippa [basicmember]

    Love the colour of the moon and how it reflects onto the sea surface.

  2. Doc [liferplus]

    A new favourite.

  3. Prashant [lifer]

    This is very beautiful. I love the reflection in the water and how it lights up the leaves. What a thought and equally well executed.

  4. Susan [nonmonthly]

    Yes I know that it is night scene, but I actually think that it is too dark. I’m not sure what, but something is missing.

  5. ChrisW [basicmember]

    This could be a tropical setting on Pandora…

    (That’s from AVATAR. Man, when are those sequels coming out, anyway?)

  6. Brian [nonmonthly]

    Love the tropical setting!

  7. Ross H. [basicmember]

    I absolutely love all of your night scenes and had to set this as my phone wallpaper immediately! I’ll be updating all of my other devices later today!

  8. Tony R [lifer]

    Soothing, instantly applied to desktop when I saw it.

  9. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Love this one, wish I was there right now, so peaceful. Love the shadows and colours, and reflextion of the light, Great Render Ryan.

  10. Chris [basicmember]

    I have to say that I like this night rendering a bit more than Painted Sky. This will be added to my scrolling desktop on all of my systems. Well done, keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Karen [basicmember]

    Going to put on every device! As usual!

  12. Mark [liferplus]

    this one is nice and relaxing

  13. Tom [basicmember]

    Great night version of Painted Sky! Love it.

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