Overture (Night)

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Here’s a version of “Overture (Night)” without the lights in the valley.   Which do you prefer??

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6 reviews for Overture (Night)

  1. Tatiana Taylor

  2. Cathy Warren

    I love all the renders on this one, but for the night one it’s a hard call as I love them both, but I’m going to say the one with the lights edges out a bit more for me. Great job Ryan and thank you for the wonderful art that you give us. 🙂

  3. Hans Larsson

    Generally I prefer the moody and suggestive variants that don’t have any “distractions” in them. So in this case my vote is with this one 👍

  4. Mark Burgess

    One of my favorite night scenes. Thank you!

  5. Eric Butow

    I prefer both versions. I’ve downloaded both to see which ones work best on each device. Thanks for creating both versions, Ryan.

  6. Nathan Zachary

    I prefer the Pickle Jar version with the fires. Not only are the colours more interesting, but the sky seems to have more detail as well.

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