Ostereier (Glow) (Easter)


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Not sure if this one will go in the gallery or not. After my Asfaloth laptop became available
yesterday I thought it would be fun to create a version of my Easter Eggs under a black-light.

Hope you like it and Happy Easter!

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30 reviews for Ostereier (Glow) (Easter)

  1. Phil Erwin (manstile) [nonmonthly]

    this looks awesome on my Iwatch..

  2. Phineas [basicmember]

    Radioactive easter eggs!

  3. Lou [lifer]

    amazing take over traditional eggs

  4. Ryan

    Not sure why this one wasn’t showing up but it’s there now. Sorry about that!

  5. Matt L.

    Another request for the 3360×1050, please! Very, very cool render of the 1970’s version of Easter! 🙂

  6. Lee

    +1 for the 3360×1050 please

  7. Elaine

    That’s a keeper. I like it just as well as the traditional eggs.

  8. Peterson

    +1 for 3360×1050 request, please!

  9. Joe

    Please tell me you’re keeping this, Ryan. ‘Twould be a grievous sin to let such a beautiful work go to waste.

  10. Sand2Silic

    Amazing spin on an older image, like it way more than the traditional Easter Eggs! (although I liked those too).

    +1 for 3360×1050 request, please!

  11. DigtalDust

    Like it! Wanted to put it on my dual monitors, but there is no 3360×1050 file for download… 🙁

  12. CatScratch

    Very, very nice. The triscreen version looks even better on my 27″ dual-monitor setup. Have all the dual backgrounds in a rotation and can’t get anything done ’cause I’m looking at them!

  13. Jay

    One of my favorite holiday images. My favorite Easter image by far.

  14. Lee

    whoa, shiny!! Foreground/background transitions give it depth, though the green egg, I would think, should be in focus(?) Love it.

  15. Caleb

    It looks like colors diffusing into the eggs. Very nice.

  16. Zach

    Love the vivid colours on this one, and it is very festive! I agree, though, that I’d like to see it without such an extremely shallow DoF. I don’t use any icons or even a toolbar, so it would be cool to see it with more of the eggs in focus. 🙂

  17. Dec

    More vivid & better than the original

  18. Dennis

    When I saw this pop up in my RSS Feed, it really stood out from your other recent works. Kinda reminds me of Fluorescence in it’s simplicity and glow. I’d say keep in the gallery.

  19. Anubis

    One of my new “seasonal favorites”, especially because the tri-screen version is “filled” much more than some of the other wallpapers.

    Just a short question: any special reason for this wallpaper not being rendered in 7680×1600? Or did I just miss it?

  20. Nadine

    I love this one, please keep it. Add it to the pickle jar, tweak it if you feel it needs it; but this one is pretty enough to use long before or after easter. 😉

  21. SaltNPeppa

    Don’t like the depthblur thing. But then, I refuse to have icons *at all* so I can show off my walls to all their glory. 🙂 Version without the blur and you’ve got an instant 10. 🙂

  22. Littlemom

    Absolutely awesome!!!

  23. NikB

    I love it – the glow just makes it look fantastic. I’ve now got this on my phone!

    Ryan, *please* do some more blacklight images !!

  24. JMK in CT

    This is just freaking awesome!

  25. John R

    Now this is really neat. I’ve watched Ryan re-do lots of past images, and they are all good but this one really made me say “wow!” This is really cool. I’m going to program my machine to use Osterier during the day and switch to this one at night. My vote…definitely keep this!

  26. Ryan

    I can see your point,but I wanted some “softer” areas so your icons would be easier to spot.

  27. JacobKlein

    Love the idea — Just wish there were no depth-blurring applied.

  28. Jill Ferri

    this got me logging on as soon as I saw it…..Have to HAVE it! I want one on my phone, too! Love it! Please keep it!

  29. JTYoung

    I like this piece and I think you should keep it. In fact I think a 5760X1200 render would be great (hint, hint)

  30. betsey

    really really REALLY like this….keep it!!!!

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