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8 reviews for Obsidia

  1. wolfpack

    This one is great. The use of light and color is great. and the priest at the foot of the colossal statue does a great job of showing size.

  2. alexM

    This image is really cool. The little man down there, as has been said, really makes it amazing looking. I love pictures like this that are so epic. This one, along with your Egyptian ones are some of my favorite ones. I can just sit and stare at them and just be impressed all the time. I’d like to see more in that area.

  3. Jeff

    I agree. When I first looked at it I thought it was just a small statue and then I saw the priest and was blown away. Very epic indeed.

  4. tylara67

    Not my choice in color schemes, but the level of detail is amazing! It does a good job of creating an impression of scale.

  5. Rich

    Epic in its simplicity, profoundly rendered. This may very well be my favorite.

  6. Justin B.

    I don’t think it’s possible to make an interior wallpaper that’s closer to absolute perfection than this one. I’m surprised this isn’t an all-time top ten image. It’s absolutely enthralling, and I appreciate all the work that must have went into the incredible detail in this one. Don’t pay attention to its inadequately low rating, this one’s a perfect 10.

  7. omar;

    This image for me is one of the best of the gallery. The setting looks amazing, and the statue seems to come alive, which is what it’s intended to be. I liked the fact of adding the little priest in the middle of the room because it totally changes the perspective of the image. I’ve showed it to a few of my friends and they all do the same reaction. They look at the picture, say its great and then I point the to the guy in the bottom and I hear an instant: whooaaa! It’s like you actually feel the room expanding in your mind and it just shocks you. Really amazing work.

  8. Romarch

    I have always loved your temples, and this one ranks right up there with “Omadon” (1999) as one of my all-time favorite ‘spaces’ in which to contemplate the wonders left behind by peoples unknown in ages long past, a rare few of which are still in use.

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