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The Hawaiian islands just might be my favorite place on Earth and we were fortunate to be able to spend a week there after Christmas 2018. While there I learned about the concept of makai and mauka. Makai means “towards the ocean” and mauka means “toward the mountains” and the words are used to tell folks which side of the road something is on. I could do a whole year of Hawaiian themed renders but the first two I wanted to attempt were a representation of the Makai/Mauka dichotomy. As this image looks towards the mountains, expect the next in the series to look towards the ocean. Mahalo for looking! I hope you enjoy them!!
PS: We saw many waterfalls in Maui and Ian asked that I include more waterfalls in my work. Here you go Ian!!

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Mauka Dual

29 reviews for Mauka

  1. Anon [basicmember]

    That chalky bright aqua color combined with minimal reflection really gives this an exhilarating and surreal touch. It’s not super realistic and that’s a good thing! This is art, not a photograph. And it’s fun to look at too (thanks in no small part to the dolphins as well).

  2. Russ [donormember]

    Thanks Ryan for getting the multi-screen version! It is a beautiful piece!!

  3. eyal [lifer]

    Thanks a lot for the beautiful multi-screen version!

  4. Susan [basicmember]

    Though I would have preferred a bit more land to even it out

  5. Brian [nonmonthly]

    Beautiful work. Thank you!

  6. ChrisW [basicmember]

    Not sure why, but I keep hearing the theme song for the show when I look at this one.

    But I’m also weird, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Ryan? Good work, man. That vacation may have paid for itself.

  7. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Great render! Thank you for sharing your vacation pics; I can’t believe how big your kids are!

  8. LanceX [basicmember]

    Hi Ryan! Great render.

    I love your art very much. This one came across as being only the lower portion of a normal view of this type of image.I was wanting to scroll “up” to see the more of the mountains.

    The ocean has a “cotton-like” look to the surface. Was other wordly the results you were wanting to achieve? Unique, this one. Hope to see your other island-inspired work soon.

  9. Ryan

    Interesting idea. I hadn’t considered it actually but night versions are always possible 🙂

  10. Travis [basicmember]

    This is great! Think there might be a night version at some point?

  11. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Simply Beautiful, great detail, looks as if you could walk right into the picture Great Job Ryan

  12. David w [basicmember]

    1080×1920 please! For my iPhone 7 Plus!

  13. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    Water is well rendered but yet oddly murky looking for such a venue. The view includes what seems like a compromised view of the shore/island. It just comes across as a shot of dolphins that the viewer felt had to pan up only barely keeping the dolphins in view in order to see ‘some’ of the island. The waterfalls are 2D looking and odd enough to the point of distraction wondering at first, what they even were. Sorry, while rendered nice, it raises “the big picture” kind of questions.

  14. Steve [basicmember]

    The water is so beautifully rendered that when I look at it I can hear the waves slapping the side of the boat I’m in, which the dolphins are following

  15. Chris Heins [liferplus]

    I love the idea of this. It is great! I almost missed the dolphins.

  16. Kana [lifer]

    This is gorgeous! I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Hawai’i myself, and we did our certification scuba dives there. This very much reminds me of those, when we had a pod of spinner dolphins swim above us (we were 50′ down looking at corals at the time) on one of those dives! Can’t wait to see your other renders from there. Might we even see one with the Kilauea volcano in it? 🙂

  17. Cochise [basicmember]

    This is one of my favorites! I love the saying. Every time I slip into the ocean..I feel like I’m home! That’s how i feel.

  18. sweetaurora [lifer]

    I absolutely **LOVE** this one!!! ^_^

  19. Ryan G [basicmember]

    You’re my favorite source for 5760 x 1080 backgrounds. I look forward to adding this into the rotation.

  20. Deanna [liferplus]

    This is my new favorite! Please don’t change a thing. I can’t wait to see the next one. It is so beautiful how the water fills the screen; makes me feel as though I’m really there.

  21. Timhogs [liferplus]

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, so you would know better than I would; but it seems to me that waves on the ocean aren’t quite so close together?

  22. Ollie M [liferplus]

    Can’t wait for the multi screen renders!!!

  23. John V. [basicmember]

    Ryan your work is the best but I too would like a different division. I’d like less expanse of water and more of the distant mountains to be visible. The rule of thirds.

  24. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I think you pulled off exactly what you were trying to accomplish with this one. It’s beautiful!!

  25. George [nonmonthly]

    I love getting your updates in my inbox! This one is really great. The water is realistically grainy, because hey, water is never empty. But it’s a bit too uniform. The color is perfect, and the haze in the distance is spot on. The skin on the dolphins looks incredibly soft. Great work, Ryan!

  26. Aslan [liferplus]

    I have to agree with Sara, a more even division between ocean and mountains would, for me, make it even better.

    As you are looking at Hawaii – how about a Kilauea scene? I had the opportunity to hike the lava fields before the recent eruptions – a magical experience.

  27. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    As long as you’re doing Maui, dare I hope that you’ll give some love to Haleakalā? You could do a totally realistic treatment of the peak and most people would never be able to tell it isn’t one of your worldscapes.

    That said, this is one (?) of your best oceanscapes.

  28. Sara [liferplus]

    It’s really beautiful, but I feel like there could be less ocean and more mountain. It feels like the tops of the mountains have been cut off. The ocean is beautiful and I love the dolphins, but I think more mountain would also be pretty.

  29. Telaria [basicmember]

    Just —- wow!!

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