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I should probably update this one with widescreen LCD monitors. . .

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15 reviews for Login

  1. Anton [liferplus]

    There should absolutely be an update for this one, would look amazing! This one still looks awesome and is still super relevant though.

  2. Brad [lifer]

    I love the image and idea. I would love to see modernized widescreen sizes.

  3. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    Even as is it’s still one of the best login screens I have, side bars or not. A 16:9 variant (no real need for a 32:9 one) would be even better.

  4. icequeenjaf [lifer]

    This would be cool if revised with 2106 in the monitors and redo the station layout to more of a sci-fi type. Still like this one and just resaved it.

  5. Scott

    I honestly think it’d be really cool if you remade this. And add more of a “Batman” feeling to it all. Because that’s a faint feeling of what I have now.

  6. Thunderbol

    this should also be updated for widescreen, as it is a nice metapicture about other works youve done and therefore always somehow up to date.

  7. Lidia

    I fourth the motion!

  8. Wraith

    I third this motion!

  9. James

    I 2nd the motion.

  10. Michelle

    This one could be a lot of fun to see updated with the newer works.

  11. Jeremy

    With some of the Eyefinity cards having 12 display outputs, using two of them would give you 24 — more than enough for this guys desk.

    And a quick refresh of this with LCD monitors and more recent images would be pretty cool

  12. Derek

    I would love if you either do renders for a lot more resolutions for this, or even make another.

  13. overshoot

    This really is the perfect login screen wallpaper — but now that I’m 100% widescreen it just isn’t the same. Le sigh!

  14. Greg

    hey for some reason i havent seen some of those pictures on the screens. And I really like the one on the bottom row, second from the right (with all the clouds)… what are they called?? i want them!!

  15. sjholcomb

    Great use of your pictures as part of the big picture.

    (Say, is this picture on the monitor in the middle of the bottom row?)

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