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39 reviews for Locus

  1. TheWolf [basicmember]

    Simply amazing. Some cool variation on things you might see in the old Matrix movies!

  2. Sirjacob

    Normally I don’t like this type of style, I think spiral is over used, how ever this one really intrigued me the way the spiral burst forth from the center, I really liked this one.

  3. ObsidianRa

    Black and Red just happen to be my favorite color combination. Coupled with the texture and upward spiral…simply awesome.

  4. Cynctychik

    This reminds of the Matrix, love it!!

  5. Stargazer

    I can’t help thinking about the word “SPRUNG” when I view this one. Nice!

  6. Matt

    Very sharp, I would like to see a blue version.

  7. Jeff

    Took one of my favorite pieces, put an entirely new spin on it, and it still works.

  8. Armadillo

    A.Maze.Ing. Wow.

  9. Eric

    Amazing work yet again.

    One thing, the dual screen (16×9) 1440p and 1080p are the same image (3840×1080). Seems the 5120×1440 didn’t get uploaded properly.

  10. Seamus

    Interesting – it would be nice if the very-close and -distant parts weren’t quite as blurred. and I agree, another (few) colour(s) would be awesome!

  11. Amanda

    I am torn between LOVING this image (I just set it as my background on everything) and not being able to wait to see what you do with it next. Great work as always…keep it up! You are appreciated!

  12. RDL

    I would love to see a few time lapse pickle jar versions. Maybe one just at the start of the breach, one just after this frame, and one in chaos. I have to say, this is my favorite work of yours, and I’ve been a fan since the late 90’s.

  13. Jenanne

    Thank you, Ryan! And good for you, Zach. They can have my hue-shifted DB images when they pry them from my cold, dead hands — er, hard drive. 🙂

  14. Zach

    Thanks a bunch, Ryan! I wouldn’t think of posting someone else’s work on any site without his or her permission.

  15. anna_writr

    Nifty render, though I’m not usually a fan of the abstracts. This one looks kind of fractal. A blue version would be awesome. (I am far too lame to be coloring on my own, :D)

  16. Ryan

    YES! You guys are more than welcome to create your own color variations by “shifting the hue” in your favorite image editor. All I ask if that you keep your edits on your own machine and don’t post them anywhere. Thanks!!

  17. Jenanne

    I found one mention of the “permission” as posted below. I think it’s not the only time Ryan said something of the kind. It’s in the comments of Geomancy (2013).

  18. Jenanne

    Ryan did give permission to adjust color (on another render; can’t recall which one) as long as it was only for our own personal use and we didn’t, you know, remove his watermark and pawn it off as our own work. At least, that’s where I got the idea to color-adjust. I think it was one of the renders where he was getting many requests for additional color variations. 🙂 Ryan?

  19. kellzilla

    (the single screen puts the red swirls closer to center, and the black swirls are more in focus so they vie with my icons)

  20. kellzilla

    I love taking the multiscreen options and with a little creative cropping, making my own single-screen. For example, I took the 3840×1080 and cropped just off center enough to put the red swirl immediately on the far right edge, where it’s clearly visible on my desktop because I don’t have any icons over there; this puts the more subdued black swirls on the left, where all my icons pop out nicely.

    Probably my favorite abstract you’ve done recently. Bravo! The original Locus was on my desktop for a very long time.

  21. Bill

    @Zach Thank you for the color shift idea. I hadn’t considered that. It worked great!

  22. Zach

    @0beron, indeed. I had thought about that, but felt a little strange manipulating Ryan’s work. I did go ahead and make a few. Though I really like the aqua/light blue one, I think the coolest one for a background is the alien green shift.

  23. Alex H

    Finally! Something different. I thought you were getting stuck in a creative dry spot for a while there, but then you pump this out. So good mate. Makes me immediately think of the borg. Perhaps you should call it locutus instead? 😛

  24. Jenanne

    Ryan, I love these little somethings you throw together in your spare time, particularly the abstracts! Great render. Adobe Elements gave me some nice additional colors; I really like the purple and blue.

  25. MRaugh

    OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooohhh!!!! I love the intricacy, the varied focus, and darkness (looks dramatic and is much easier on the eyes than a bright image). This one is going to be my favorite for quite a while, most likely.

  26. Littlemom

    absolutely love this one

  27. 0beron

    Awesome looking abstract, looks superb on multi screens.

    The exposure levels and light reflections in the black and white parts of the image are spot on.

    Since there’s only really one saturated colour in the image, you can make your own colour variants by shifting the hue of the whole image – blue looks nice.

  28. Zach

    Interestingly, I didn’t like the single-screen render of this one when I saw it late last night. However, I do like the multis a bit more. It’s intriguing. Any chance we might see some colour variations on this one? If not, no worries. 🙂

  29. Truck

    Oh look, my request for triple-monitor has gone into effect (: Thanks!

  30. Josh

    I love the simple colors of this abstract. Reminds me of some of your early work that I love: Chamelea and Brainstorm.

  31. Ryan

    I’ve added a version for dual and triple-screen monitors this morning!

  32. JS

    WOW! Can we expect a Triple monitor version?

  33. Dave Shaw

    Looks really good tiled on 2 1080 monitors, seems to flow from one to the other like it is meant to be a multi-monitor wallpaper.

  34. Tim R

    Wow! My new favorite!

  35. Brandi U.


  36. Travis

    Incredible. Compelling.

    The scale is so fantastic–macro? micro? Who knows! Reminds me so much of the Sentinel swarms in the Matrix and Animatrix.

  37. Geoff

    I love your abstracts in general, but this one really draws me in. Absolutely love it.

  38. Bill

    Awesome! I’d love different colored versions for my different Mac desktops =]

  39. redteam316

    I really like the choice of colors and color distribution for this piece. It’s a great dark themed wallpaper and easy on the eyes. The piece itself has mechanical and organic feel to it which is really what sets it apart from the rest.

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