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Experimenting with E-onsoftware’s The Plant Factory here, exploring possibilities beyond greenery. Rendered using Lightwave 11.6.

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32 reviews for Inner Space

  1. Colin

    I have been a long term fan of the Fluorescence blue mushroom wallpapers, this one may just be my favourite now.

  2. Romarch

    This reminds me a lot of “Aftermath (2014)”, actually… I like it!

  3. Jenanne

    Your best yet! Absolutely, V.6 is the final final. 🙂

    A humble request, since you’re doing remakes. Your “At World’s Edge” is my all-time favorite series, and you have spring, fall, winter, and Christmas — but no summer. Is it possible? Oh pretty please?

  4. Jenanne

    I know I rated the last version a 10, but now I wish I’d saved the top rating for this one, since it’s even better. I agree with Tyler – it lives. Terrific, Ryan!

  5. Tyler

    Love the sparks, and faint signs of sparks in the background. It lives!

  6. kellzilla

    Definitely my favorite so far. There’s still a little noise in the farthest lights but it’s barely noticeable compared to the noise “everywhere” in the previous renders. I really like the darkness with “pockets” of light.

  7. Ryan

    I removed the transparency/refractions for this latest version. Mainly I am seeking to render the scene in under 12 hours while also cleaning up the noise from the earlier versions. Let me know what you think!

  8. Jenanne

    Splendid, Ryan, thank you. Purple is my favorite color.

  9. Greg

    ‘Inner Space’ from Tranzworld 4 is now playing in my head. Thanks Ryan.

    I really like some of your darker ones like this.. It makes night time computing a little more pleasing on the eyes.

    Now we just need a dual screen render.

  10. Littlemom

    I like the pickle jar versions much better than the final render. the purple just does nothing for me so I just chose one of the other renders instead.

  11. Ryan

    They should be showing up now. Thanks!

  12. Michael T

    Where are the pickle jar renders ?

  13. Myron

    Personally I like the graininess. It gives the scene the feeling of being an organic nanostructure being viewed optically in realtime using subwavelength imaging (a technique seeing use today to observe biological activity inside live cells, with the ability to image structures/interactions smaller than 200nm).

  14. Ryan

    In the past I’ve used a 3rd party renderer called “Fprime” to produce my Lightwave scenes. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for this scene because I am using Lightwave’s new “Instancing”. This means I am struggling to find the proper DOF settings in Lightwave’s very complicated (and slower) native renderer.I will try to have one last, cleaner, render.

  15. 0beron

    I much prefer the version without lightning. The foreground lightning makes it really hard to see what’s going on and obscures the interesting twisted structures that are really the defining part of the image. Also it seems to have added some green sections to the blurred background which don’t really fit?

    Both versions really suffer with the grain.

  16. Chis

    Love it, but seems a bit grainy..

  17. Joe

    I really want to like this piece, but the grain is too overwhelming.


  18. Ryan

    As promised, v.4 (nearly final) delivers a “shocking” addition. I thought some purple would help break up all of the orange. I’d also never tried “lightning” with DOF before. Let me know what you think!

  19. Joel

    I really like the feel of this one with the glowing orbs of orange and complementary blue set against the contrasting black. The twisting structures are also very interesting. I think the grainy issue is much more bearable now in the distance, but I think it still really detracts from the quality of the image in the foreground.

  20. Ryan

    The final version will have a rather shocking twist…

  21. Jenanne

    Super, Ryan!

  22. Chris

    love the added colors, although it’s still just a bit grainy. Could you render an iPhone 5 version?

  23. Jenanne

    Much improved, and I bet v.3 will earn a 10. I love your abstracts! Have an excellent Memorial Day, Ryan and family, and the same to all my fellow DB fans.

  24. Ryan

    I decided to post v.2 while I was waiting for v.3 to render. Using a volumetric light for the 3rd version so it’s taking a bit longer than the previous 2. Should be ready tomorrow!

  25. jmpond

    Nice and dark, moody. Great color blend. Love to see this in shades of blues or purples!

  26. Jenanne

    Like it, but agree about the grain. This reminds me of a combination of String Theory (2011) and Cradle (2003). Very nice!

  27. Tristan

    Enjoying the blatantly orange bit, made me think of amyloid beta plaque formation, granted that doesn’t glow. Good abstract =)

  28. Ryan

    Agreed about the grain. Unfortunately F2 doesn’t work with Lightwave’s built-in instancer so I had to use Lightwave’s native renderer. What could have been a 1 hour render with F2 balloons to over 12 hours at 4k. I will work on shortening that and cleaning it up for the final version.

  29. betsey

    never mind….found it…..on the 1024 4×3 anyway….

  30. Chris

    love it, although it seems a bit grainy …

  31. betsey

    love it….but the reason I gave it a 9 is because I couldn’t find a signature on it….maybe I’m tired….

  32. Jeuce

    Or closeups that appear to be abstracts. I want to turn off the lights in the office so that I can see this in more detail.

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