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8 reviews for Dome

  1. winterhart14 [basicmember]

    I’d love to see it done with the new technology!

  2. Ryan

    I do read the comments. All the time! I don’t always get to respond to them though. I remember this was one of my first Bryce pics. Obviously it was before I learned how to increase the resolution in my terrain meshes.

  3. kellzilla

    He does, as I’ve seen him comment on older pieces (not just newer pieces) after getting a question/suggestion. Just not always.

  4. Dennis

    I don’t think Ryan reads these boards anymore…

  5. Dennis

    How about doing an all new piece from this same world? Show us what is off to the left a few miles away.

  6. may

    Your futuristic communities really inspire me, as I’m sure they do many members. This one is particularly cool–who could think up and carry an idea like this through other than DB?–and I’m one vote towards a remake.

  7. Dennis

    Have you ever considered revisitng some of your older works and upgrading them? This one is great, but only comes in one size.

  8. kypaelfgar

    This is one that I would dearly love to see revisited. I missed this the first few times through the galleries, and the blue egg-orbs set into the mountains is a great image. Alas, but the widescreen LCD monitor is not the best place to display such a thing. I really like this image, though. Whimsical, and with both sci-fi and fantasy potential. And I have a penchant for blue; so nicely mirrored in a lot of the work here.

    So, Ryan, put it on your list of “Things members want me to do along with the things I already have to do that themselves may or may not get done.”

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