Flight of the Hammerheads


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11 reviews for Flight of the Hammerheads

  1. Glynne MacLean [basicmember]

    I’d love to see this with manta rays instead of hammerheads.

  2. Gregor

    This just came up on my screen, and I think I remember it is the reason I joined db. I absolutely love the color of the light and the shadows being cast by these beautiful animals! Thank you very much, Ryan!

  3. Ryan

    This image is absolutely magnificent! Any chance it could be made into part of your Facebook cover collection that’s being offered?

  4. Sarah

    I am a new member, and this image is the one that drew me in! I love sharks and the ocean, and your images are so amazing! More like this one please!!!

  5. GrouxFamily

    Will you be making this into a triple screen mode?

  6. Teresa

    I’ve had this one as my background from about 2 seconds after you posted it. I love the hammerheads. they are so cool. The scene has great depth and looks awsome on a 17in screen. Great job.

  7. Karen

    I agree with Ben, I had this for the longest time on my desktop at work. All of my coworkers that saw it really enjoyed it.

    Personally, I felt like a hidden witness to something wonderful! I liked the mystery of the under sea point of veiw.

  8. Pauly

    I totally dig this piece, but can’t use it. I have a dual monitor setup and I get soooo disappointed when you don’t expand your artwork to fit dual monitors!

  9. Tracey

    I always love your sealife renditions – this one in particular is so peacful and gives such a depth of the ocean.

    Any possibilities of ever getting a turtle themed one – please!

  10. Ben

    This is a great background. I set it as the BG on my workstation at work, and whenever people walked by for the first time, they would stop and say ‘Whoa’. Most thought is was real until I mentioned otherwise. Great job!

  11. Ricky

    I really like the ocean so my opinion may be a bit bias’d here, but this has to be my favorite one yet.

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