Green Fluorescence (St. Patrick’s Day)


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So many folks have requested a green Fluorescence for St. Paddy’s day. Why haven’t I done it before? Good question. I just remembered because I wanted to use a green version of “Fluorescence” for my Facebook Page Profile Pic but saw to my chagrin that I didn’t have one!

Rather than simply shift the hue of the blue version using Photoshop I chose to re-shade and re-render the mushrooms using “shamrock green” (#009E60). Since I went to all that trouble I thought I should probably post the wallpaper for my Members 😉

Please enjoy responsibly!!

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9 reviews for Green Fluorescence (St. Patrick’s Day)

  1. Xliff [lifer]

    Is there a pickel jar version of this available in Blue or Violet?

  2. Suzi [lifer]

    You can NEVER go wrong with any version of Fluorescence. And green is my favorite color, so I’m thinking “new favorite”!

  3. docster [basicmember]

    Love the shrooms, Ryan. I believe the blue shrooms picture was the first of your work that I’d seen.

  4. Justin [nonmonthly]

    This is the iconic DB image that’s been around as long as I can remember…such a classic and always seems to find new life.

  5. teddeler

    Always love those mushrooms!

  6. Judd

    this is perfect, we now have an RGB set of the mushroom. next one on the list… white light… maybe with some rainbow effect on the ground?

  7. BobC

    This made me smile and I put it on my desktop at once. I think the extra work paid off and these mushrooms REALLY fluoresce!

  8. Brian J.

    I really like the change to your classic Flourescence with the green (my favorite color) and the added sparkly spores. Creates a feeling of luminosity beyond the plant itself. Great refresh!

  9. Dark Ambrosia [basicmember]

    Just… Wow! Thank you for uploading this!

    I remember seeing the original “Fluorescence” wallpaper on a TAFE PC in ’07 and falling absolutely in love with it. (How I first found out about this site)

    I actually got myself into a bit of trouble from the IT admin because he saw me finding loop-holes in the system to dig through and find this astoundingly gorgeous wallpaper. (But I still got it) 😀

    A timeless masterpiece, and as another user said; you’ve again breathed a unique life into it and done an amazing job. (LOVE the color too)

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