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8 reviews for Gnosis

  1. James C [nonmonthly]

    Like going through a wormhole with fireworks going off in the gases. Mesmerizing.

  2. Anton

    I also have to admit that when i saw the title for this piece, i immediately jumped to final fantasy and wondered if that was the inspiration. but then decided against it.

  3. mischa

    To me this scene looks like how I imagine a worm hole would look… weird and a little menacing, but ultimately (hopefully) benevolent….

  4. trevor

    just a curiosity…i know this one has been up for awhile (i just joined the site as a member), but i couldn’t help notice the name.

    have you ever read r. scott bakker’s “prince of nothing” series? i know that the word “gnosis” has a meaning on it’s own, but it’s also in the series as the magical school of one of the main characters…

    just an observation. keep up the excellent work!

  5. Ryan

    Trevor–I am a big fan of fantasy literature and Bakker’s “The Price of Nothing” series is one of my favorites. This image, however, was made before I read the books.Thanks for the feedback!

  6. wootinks

    Another one I love, but I would prefer it to look less bright. Not sure how to say what I mean, maybe it feels like an overexposed photo, the dark bits don’t look dark.

  7. Josh Ackerman (Crosis)

    From the TV show “Sliders”, inside the vortex!

  8. Jamie N.

    This is what abstracts are all about.

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