Ghostlight Woods


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40 reviews for Ghostlight Woods

  1. Marian [lifer]

    I have been using your wallpapers for decades. I looked for Autumn and remember ones that I used through the years. Like looking at a box of Christmas decorations. I especially like this one. It has a subtle flavor of Halloween, but isn’t ghoulish.

  2. Lance [basicmember]

    I love these types of scenes because the winding paths causes me to want to walk them to explore what’s down them.

  3. Jon [plusmember]

    A walk in the woods. Hope to get out soon and do some photography but this will hold me over till the leaves start changing proper!

  4. docster [basicmember]

    Has a sort of “Lewis & Clark” feel for me….

  5. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Lovely image. Like looking through a fog. On the other hands, maybe the light comes from some alien presence. Maybe the Tommyknockers have landed!

  6. Evan [lifer]

    Especially in this wintery time of year, I love seeing new forests and greenscapes to have as my background.

  7. Camille [nonmonthly]

    I really love this one. The colors are great on both computers. All foliage is very realistic.

  8. Darlene Y. [nonmonthly]

    Your digital paintings always seem to spur my imagination. Fantastic, as always!

  9. Mithun Mukundan [lifer]

    Loved this work!!! Awesome 🙂

  10. Corwin Amber [nonmonthly]

    I really like this, but would love to see a night time version of it. Maybe with fireflies or something similar to produce the light, or glowing fungus/moss.

  11. Liz [lifer]

    Love love love these colors, turquoise is probably my most favorite color ever. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.

  12. Susan [nonmonthly]

    This (in my opinion) is a very serene picture and I don’t find it gloomy, so I don’t know that Ghostlight quite fits it. However the green light is lovely and I like it whatever you call it.

    Just a thought – have you ever considered a seascape type rendition with that colour green?

  13. Davin [nonmonthly]

    I know that you have it as Ghostlight Woods, but I see this more as the Twilight Kingdom. I see this as where the fairies would live. I so would love to go here if this were a real place.

  14. Mason [nonmonthly]

    Really like the eerie spooky quality of this scene. Awesome title too. I really like the word ghostlight, lights that lead travelers astray.Would love a night time version of this scene. Keep up the great work!

  15. Laura [lifer]

    I’m not terribly into Halloween, but this is a great scene! Gloomy, and just hinting at the dark. Nice!

  16. Marian Justiss [liferplus]

    Beautiful colors

  17. Diane Wydick (Camille) [nonmonthly]

    Very nice for my Autumn collection. Love the contrasting blues in the center.

  18. Timothy [nonmonthly]

    I seem to be in a bit of a minority on my opinion on this one but it seems like the last 5 pictures (minus make a wish) have been very grainy. It feels like when you crank the sharpness slider in old Paint Shop Pro too far and go beyond realism into noisy, hyper realism. How come so many of the recent works have been too sharp?

  19. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Spooky, but it looks so realistic!

  20. Paul [nonmonthly]

    Creepy looking. It would be even creepier if the glow was a little darker, or black and white.

  21. jmk in ct [liferplus]

    I really like the colors of this one. Makes you wonder whats up around the bend.

  22. Brent [nonmonthly]

    I think out of all the library, this is my favorite with the serenity and colors. SO beautiful.

  23. Zach [lifer]

    I don’t know that I like it as much as “Shades of Autumn (2015),” but it is really great! Very ominous!

  24. petey [lifer]

    This is a 10 for sure!! Thanks!

  25. Are [basicmemberlifer]

    The level of details in this image is impressive. The fog feels “just right” and the trees seems very realistic. The only thing for me personally is that the light is a bit too green, but that did not affect the “10” score.

  26. Overdrive [lifer]

    I rarely give a 10, but this beautiful piece of art is worth it! Everything is just perfect, the light, colours, contrast, atmosphere. Instant classic, even legendary. This one will decorate my desktop for a very long time.

  27. Stewart [lifer]

    Over the years, I think I’ve become almost (but not quite immune) to the quality of your work. I kind of just expect it to be brilliant. But I just put this up on my dual displays at work, and it’s stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely extraordinary thing.

  28. WiDoW [plusmember]

    Love the depth of the blues you allowed to seep through the mist. It gives the impression of a crisp cold clear day beyond the enshrouding layer. Seconding the Pickle Jar suggestion.

  29. Kevin [donormember]

    What more can I say!

  30. BobC [lifer]

    Oh, the light and the color! Whatever you do with this image, please leave this version in the cookie jar!

  31. DigitalMirko [lifer]

    Great image for this time of year and the halloween season. Cheers

  32. Oldrich [nonmonthly]


  33. tharwell [nonmonthly]

    Love the colors, the detail, very cool..

  34. Deanna [lifer]

    Love the colors. Beautiful contrasts!

  35. betsey [lifer]

    as close to perfect as it can be…

  36. betsey [lifer]

    as close to perfect as it can be…

  37. Brett [nonmonthly]

    Love the green tint this one has..

  38. Tim [nonmonthly]

    Oh, I LIKE that. Beautiful work.

  39. Mr nDEPth [nonmonthly]

    I really enjoy your outdoor scenes. This is great.

  40. Holly [basicmember]


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