Desert Snow


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11 reviews for Desert Snow

  1. jimbo [basicmember]

    Love the colours and tone of the rocks and snow under the low sun. Great seasonal favourite for me.

  2. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    The pastel sky beyond the doorway carved by the wind and desert life below is a reminder of simplicity in our complex chaotic world.

  3. Greywolf [liferplus]

    I like this one a lot; it’s sort of, to me, an alternate view of the cover art for the Yes album “Union” which was done by Roger Dean. Perhaps a little less surreal, but more real…

  4. mischa

    i really love this wallpaper just the way it is, but i reckon summer or maybe evening versions of Desert Snow, would look amazing! 🙂

  5. Ryan

    I’ve added the mobile and new widescreen resolutions for “Desert Snow”. Must have missed this one when I was collecting all of my images together!

  6. Jenanne

    Hi Ryan!

    I know you’re busy recovering right now, but when you get a chance could we get 1440 and 1680 sizes on this one, if it’s possible? I really love this render. Thanks!

  7. Nicola

    I tend to choose images that reflect the view I’d like to have out of my window at the moment, and they usually follow the seasons. This one is gorgeous, evoking a crisp, fresh and sunny winters day. My favourite wallpaper for January for the second year running.

  8. Striker

    I love the flow of the objects here. the outcroppings on the wall on the left appear harsh and evil, especially since they’re in the dark. they also serve to direct your eye to the right, toward the tree and softer curves of the wall in the light. excellent.

  9. Ali

    I love this image, although I have to say the snow is incidental here for me. I just see the imposing red stone of the wild west lanscape and a cayote set against an infinite sky. I have this wallpaper at work and it’s quite appropriate as I work with a load of cowboys (they haven’t got the irony either…). Can I have a warmer, less snowy version??

  10. Don K

    I love the Moab area of Utah and this picture is very close to the sorts of places you see there. Still waiting for a fresh snow during one of my visits!

  11. Justin B.

    This may very well be my favorite landscape wallpaper of yours (Enclave comes close). It’s so crisp looking; it’s as if I’m breathing in cold, crisp, unpolluted winter air by just looking at this wallpaper in my stuffy apartment.

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