Cloud Kingdom


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Having some fun with World Machine here. My last few images have been somewhat on the dark side so I wanted to do something with a bit of sunlight. It’s been dreadfully hot this week as well so I wanted to do something cool. I hope you enjoy it!

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19 reviews for Cloud Kingdom

  1. Eric [basicmember]

    I too am wondering where the dual 5:4 renderings are (2560 x 1024)? Love the image, thanks.

  2. Angelique [lifer]

    I dislike having to criticize but I agree with Rift that I don’t like the clouds either. I rarely like any clouds in recent renders because of how they don’t look real, too dense and chunky like wads of polyfil, instead of soft and billowy or with opacity like real clouds. They don’t have the right texture and just look flat and sometimes having sharp edges. It must be the software that’s causing the difference because many older renders had realistic clouds. I think whatever software you use now just doesn’t do good clouds.

    The clouds on Winter Cliffs and Winter Revelation were more realistic but clouds like those on Class M, Our Place in the Stars and Moondance, for example, have that unreal quality to them.

  3. Steve [basicmember]

    Loved this one

  4. Magnus [lifer]

    No Dual 5:4 ???

  5. Ryan

    Just testing the comments out on my new server.

  6. Ozaawaagosh [nonmonthly]

    Not saying this is Shangri-La, But this is my Interpretation, Another very well Done RENDER my friend, I love it !!!

  7. Zach [lifer]

    Wow, the multiscreen render here cut off even more of the sky above. Really doesn’t do wonders for perspective. 🙁

  8. Rift [basicmember]

    I am a fan of many of the mountain scene wallpapers, but this one does not inspire. The big problem is the clouds. Their dull, lack depth or detail and blend into the snow making it difficult to see where they end. There shape also seems wrong for clouds hanging on the edge of a mountain. As a counter example of what it should look like, a similar setup of forest, clouds and a mountain is 2009’s Enshrouded. The clouds have detail and depth, they bring out the tree detail and have a sense of movement.

  9. Don [lifer]

    Where is the 2560 x 1024 (2X 5:4)?

  10. Ben [liferplus]

    I think this is excellent and look forward to the multi-screen renders.

  11. Alberto [basicmember]

    Why am I here? I would love to be there. A Magnificent rendering, I truly Love it!

  12. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This render is so striking. Love the mountain and the clouds. Another stunning and moving wallpaper. Well done!!!

  13. Tom [basicmember]

    I really enjoy your work. However this is not one of your better efforts. Very boring actually. Too many clouds and no color at all. Looking forward to your next project. Maybe a summer theme.

  14. John [lifer]

    I like the cool image in this heat. I like the idea of the building, but wonder if it was in the light and wrapped in clouds at the base would be better

  15. Theo [lifer]

    Hey Ryan,

    Been a big fan of your work for many many years now. Haven’t left many comments, but this one prompted me to speak up as I don’t think it lives up to your usual standards. Overall, the color palette comes off as a bit white-washed, as the piece is almost black and white minus the slightest hint of green from the trees. I would be much more interested in seeing more of the peaks of the mountains vs the cloud covered mottled hillside. Perhaps even less fog would give the piece more interest, color, and clarity.

    Also, the silhouette of the Japanese building looks extremely forced and out of place. It would almost make more sense if it were actually a strangely-shaped cell phone tower. I’d opt to tweak it or remove it altogether.

    Keep up the great work overall!


  16. Jase [nonmonthly]

    I love the scene, reminds me of some canyons here in Salt Lake near home.

    My only feedback is the building looks out of place. Could you do one with out just to see?

  17. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Looks great on my screen, Ryan, thanks. My only suggestion — and it’s more a personal preference than a quibble — is that I’d like to see the mountain tops and a bit of the sky. Perhaps a version in the PJ?

  18. Michael [nonmonthly]

    I love the tower in shadow. What’s there? What are they guarding?

    A great addition and a cool treat for this hot July.

  19. Gunnar [nonmonthly]

    I love the snow and the clouds, it’s a kind of escape. I love the asian temple style building, adds a bit of mystery..

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