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Having some fun with Gaea here trying to create some more abstract, alien landforms.   

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6 reviews for Caldera

  1. Tim Porter

    Love this, when I opened the email my first word was stunning. Well done.

  2. Clare Padfield

    I love this. Reminds me of the ashy, volcanic landscape of Vvardenfell from “Morrowind”.
    What does this landscape look like after about a year, when the alien vegetation has just started to regrow?

  3. Brett Johnson

    AMAZING! Your best this year!

  4. Nick Bencsik

    Great image! I love the viewpoint, and also the slight “Mustafar” vibes…

  5. Cathy Warren

    Well done!!!

  6. Robert Caldwell

    Nicely done. Perfect combination of ominous, threatening landscape and stark beauty. I’m enjoying the black and red-orange-brown color palette.

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