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16 reviews for Passage

  1. Gene Polk

    I’ve totally loved this one since I first found DB — nearly 20 years ago!!! Where have the decades gone! As has been suggested over the years, IMHO, this one is a prime candidate for a modernization. I’ll always love it as it is, but still, it has great potential still. Thank you, once again, for all the great work Ryan!

  2. Marian Justiss

    I would love to see this one re-rendered as well.

  3. John [lifer]

    Howdy – I will add my “vote” to revisit this render. Near me, in the fall, we get ballooners floating over autumn colors. I could easily envision this balloon over a fall landscape

  4. jimbo [basicmember]

    Yes, please render in higher resolutions!


  5. Troy [basicmember]

    As others have requested, I would love to see wider/higher resolutions added for the older art. I have been following you since 1998 and some of my favorites no longer fit ultrawide/multi-screen resolutions.

  6. Chris [basicmember]

    I also would like to see this one updated for 2021

  7. Kevin [lifer]

    This one is a classic. Any chance of an updated version and/or re-render to support modern resolutions and multiple monitors?

  8. Phil [liferplus]

    A great pic that could do with some more resolutions, and multi-monitor treatment.

  9. Rick [basicmember]

    Meditation allows for reflection, opens the gate to insight, balance and cleansing one’s spirit.

  10. Kevin [lifer]

    This was one of my favorites from your earlier works. Is there any chance of a remake at modern resolutions?

  11. Ryan

    Thanks for renewing James. I think this one is a good candidate for revision. The balloon needs some major improvement.

  12. James

    Is there any chance we could see an iPad version of this or at least a widescreen one?

  13. Kevin

    My Favorite of all !

  14. wwa

    I often put this one up when I am taking a break to meditate, when it goes very well with the Dvorak “hymn to the moon”

    Also I wish there were an Iphone version of this one available.

    One of my personal top 10

  15. PJ

    This image is cut off at the top when I try to use it as a background on my desktop. It cuts off the entire top curve of the balloon making it look a little bizarre when on my desktop. Is there any way I can fix this problem?

  16. Lynn3150

    It looks so solitary.

    It makes you want to be quiet.


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