NFT Schedule

Posted on October 4, 2021

My first month selling NFTs on Foundation was amazing. It was fun, crazy, chaotic and profitable. It was also sort of unsustainable so I’ve gone ahead and created a schedule of (less frequent) upcoming drops. I will be minting something from my recent renders on Mondays, something from the “classic” collection on Wednesday, and something “big” on Fridays. No minting on the weekends 🙂

My son Ian gave me the idea for the schedule because he saw how much of my bandwidth all this was consuming. “It will let you be an artist too” he said, which was probably the most mature thing I’ve ever heard him say. I love that kid 🙂

Fun as it is, I don’t want the NFT thing to consume my life. I want it to strengthen DB. Rather I am using some of the funds to finally bring on a developer, Cris Henderson, who’s been helping me put together the DB of the future. I just may let him run the backend stuff going forward so I can concentrate on rendering and chatting with you guys about my 20+ years in digital art. I also intend to expand my free offerings so folks who don’t feel like spending money yet can still enjoy my work.

My favorite part of this NFT experience has been taking some of the ETH I’ve earned from my sales and purchasing artwork from lesser known, but highly talented artists who could use some exposure. The folks that collect my work have made bids on some of theirs and I like to gift the artwork I buy to my top collectors as a reward for their support. It’s made for some interesting exchanges on Twitter (where most NFT discussion seems to take place) 🙂

And if all that’s not exciting enough, all of this has rekindled Ian’s interest in digital art <3

I see some really interesting times ahead. Hope you will stick with me for them as you always have 🙂