My First NFT

Posted on September 4, 2021

I know this probably won’t interest the majority of you, but after months of consideration I’ve minted my first NFT on Foundation.

Important: NFT sales will not effect the availability of my images in the Members Gallery. I retain all copyrights!

Folks have been asking me to jump into this for a long time and I simply can no longer ignore the market. It wasn’t easy picking a render to lead off with but I think I found a nice one. “Dispersion” is of my favorites actually 🙂

I don’t intend to send out emails or make a lot of constant noise on DB about these so I hope you will follow me on Foundation if you are interested futher. Whether or not I add more NFTs will depend on if how well this one does. It cost me quite a bit just to list it so I am hoping for the best!!

I know NFTs are a bit controversial and I hope I don’t anger too many of you by getting to this field. If hundreds of people were signing up as Members every day I probably wouldn’t try it but selling wallpapers online has always been a difficult (but fun) business model. If you guys want DB to stick around another 20 years then NFTs are part of the equation. Thanks for understanding!

I honestly wasn’t sure how to price this so I aimed low to test the waters. LMK if you have any questions!