Posted on February 4, 2021

Accelerator (2021)

My learning with Blender continues. After I created “Fabrica” I knew I could use the same technique to update one of my favorite Lightwave renders from the ’00s and in the process do a deep dive into Blender’s polygon modeling, UV editing, particle system, shader editing, volumetrics, animation and lighting systems.

I’m also getting used to a new renderer (two of them actually) that can use either my CPU or GPU. Most sources say using the GPU is faster but then most of those sources don’t have a machine like “Rochallor“. That said, working with Blender has seriously made me want to upgrade my 2080TI to a 3090. If only I could find one for sale 🙁

Update: 2/13…

After creating the animation it was more evident than ever that the particles were not casting any light open the scene. I had thought to move on but instead I decided to do one more version and see just what sort of shading I would need for the particles to do all the lighting. This new version has no light sources other than the particles themselves wherein the first versions I “faked it” using point lights.


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