Posted on January 27, 2021


My brother and I were raised by a single-mom who worked long hours as a nurse. We did not have money for all the latest toys but she told me often that “I will always buy you a book”. She spent a considerable amount on a set of encyclopedias that I read pretty much cover-to-cover.

Her guidance shaped me into a “philomath” (lover of learning) and this render is dedicated to her in the same way that Portals is dedicated to my Dad. She bought my first PC which I used to create my first renders. She’s nurtured and invested in my creative spirit at every turn. Her library isn’t quite as orderly as this one however 😀

I should note that the title has a bit of a double-meaning because this is the my first render in my gallery created using “Blender”. This is a fairly simple image but I’ve had to re-learn a LOT to create this. I still have much to learn!