Posted on October 18, 2020

The Fall Spectrum (Time of Day Series)

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The entire 7 render “Fall Spectrum” time-of-day series is now available. I still need to work out how I want to fit these sorts of series in my gallery because they don’t exactly fit in the structure I have now. They should all be “gallery quality” but I obviously don’t need 7 of the same scene.

I also know that some folks prefer a steady stream of different subject matter, rather than my lingering in one scene for a week or more. Fear not! These are an interesting challenge but I really don’t want to do it for every, or even the majority, of my landscapes. Things would slow down quite a bit around here if I had to do seven single and seven multiscreen renders of every scene.

The only reason I am able to do these in a week rather than a month is that I now have Rochallor and Shadowfax rendering both concurrently.

Honestly, I also enjoy exploring new spaces so these scenes keep me rooted a bit more than I am used to. Bottom line: I will try to pick my battles wisely.

Members: If you really enjoy these series and would like to see more you can place your vote here 🙂