Posted on September 30, 2020

A New Home for DB

Things might not look too different but if you are reading this page then my site is being hosted by a different company for the first time in 20 years. My old host charged too much compared to what other companies were offering. You can’t say I wasn’t loyal.

My new server should be powerful enough and have plenty of bandwidth, but unfortunately I’ve had to temporarily shut down my credit card forms because my merchant bank also hasn’t been upgrading my service with the times. It’s a long story, but they have me on a new service that will prove stronger for DB 2.0 (which is coming soon!!) but doesn’t work that well for DB 1.0.

You can still support my work using PayPal for the time being and I will work to get some other options available if the new site isn’t active before too long.

There may be a gremlin or two still hiding in the old site from the move so let me know if you find anything glaring. I think you will like what Cris and I are working on for the future though. It will be a far easier site both for me to run and for you to navigate.