Posted on September 14, 2020


Multi-Screen Render

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The term “brown dwarf” doesn’t sound all that evocative but they are fascinating celestial objects. Much larger than planets but not big enough for full stellar fusion. They are thought to fuse deuterium through which they shine with their own dim light.

I actually started this project in Blender as a learning exercise but I already have a pretty good gas planet workflow in Lightwave so I went back to that for this one. I do plan on migrating more of my non-Vue rendering to Blender and other programs because the future of LW is uncertain.

Calendar Sale!

If you were planning on picking up one of my calendars this year then now’s a great time. They are 50% off until 9/15 (code: SEPTBIZPICKS). The 2021 calendar contains all new images while the other calendars follow a certain theme…

Wall Calendars
Wall Calendars
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