Posted on August 21, 2020

Oasia (Dawn)

Multi-Screen Render

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Pickle Jar Versions

This is probably the last in my “Oasia” time-of-day sequence. Adding the fog bumped up the render time into the 5hr mark, vs 30 minutes for the cloudless versions but I think the effect was worth it here. I know not everyone is going to use these as dynamic wallpaper but I hope you’ve enjoyed the different views as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

PS: If I do something like this again I will certainly leave the moons out of the sky as they made the whole thing immensely more complicated 🙂

Presenting the 2020 DB Calendar!

Digital Blasphemy 2021 Wall Calendar
Digital Blasphemy 2021 Wall Calendar

Need a quick facemask? Zazzle is an on-demand printing company but they are trying an experiment where they’ve pre-printed thousands of a select few of their best-selling mask designs so they can ship within 48hrs. They even chose one of mine.

Quaternion Cloth Face Mask
Quaternion Cloth Face Mask (Ships Within 48 Hrs!)