Posted on August 17, 2020

Oasia (Night)

Multi-Screen Render

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For the night version of “Oasia” I wanted to try a few different things. Obviously this scene could be lit a million different ways so that is essentially what I chose to do ;-0 The tree models I used in the original all included “fruit” that could be lit up for an interesting night time effect.

I wanted also the dunes lit from a few different angles with different lights to show off their shapes. This one certainly looks better in a dark room on a bigger screen. I hope you guys will check it out that way and not just on your phone 🙂

Looping Animations

I also wanted to mention that I’ve converted the old MPG files for my looping “animated wallpapers” to the more modern MP4 format used by Zoom virtual backgrounds. Members can download them here. Example below. I will try to make some more if you guys are interested!

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