Posted on May 17, 2020

Chamelea (2020 Re-Render)

Multi-Screen Render

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Since adding “Rochallor” to my stable I’ve started using “Bucephalus” to go back through my archives and re-render certain images to fit today’s larger modern screens. “Scarlet” turned out pretty well (IMO) and now I’m turning my attention to one of my all-time favorites…”Chamelea“.

As with “Scarlet” I did a few nip-tucks here and there with the old scene but nothing too major. It should look much like the original, except now it will fit your shiny new 4K display 🙂

Multiscreen versions available too. I hope you enjoy the new version and stay safe, smart and healthy!

Speaking of healthy… Zazzle started offering face masks last month so I thought I would try out a few designs. They’ve been quite popular so I’ve added some others by request. The store is now up to 60 designs so please have a look. Zazzle is a bit backed up right now so they are taking a while to ship, but feel free to take a look if you are playing the long game…

Flatten The Curve In Style!
Flatten The Curve In Style!
by Digital Blasphemy

Non-watermarked lossless 8K version is available to Lifetime Supporters and Plus Level Members (and above). Dual and triple-screen versions are available!