Posted on May 13, 2020

Park Place (Skyline)

You might wonder what Shadowfax has been working on since being exiled to my basement office by Rochallor. Here it is…

I had the idea to add skyscrapers in the distance to the first Park Place but decided instead for a more natural look. Here I changed up my pathways so I could add some water and used the excellent Kitbash utopia models for the background. These flowering trees take an insane amount of time to render so a multiscreen version may be a while. Speaking of new multiscreens though…

Scarlet (2020 Re-Render)

Multi-Screen Render

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Now that I have two modern workstations I’ve set Bucephalus to the task of revisiting some of my older favorites and re-rendering them at modern resolutions. So far I’ve added new HD versions of “Fireflies“, “Brainstorm” and “Portal (1999)” from my early Bryce days (even a HD Ice Dragon). I may even be able to re-render some earlier scenes too.

One of my Members requested I revisit “Scarlet” and for this one I did a few very minor touch ups. I liked the new versions so much I’ve replaced the old one in the gallery. I’ve also added a new multiscreen version.

If you have any requests from back in the day let me know!