Posted on March 22, 2020

Public Enemy

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Lots of folks have asked me to render the infamous Coronavirus but I had some major reservations; number 1 being that I like my work to take folks away from everyday problems. In the end I decided to do it on the off chance that just one person might see my render, think about the virus, and decide that trip out to wherever isn’t really that important. Just stay home if you can folks.

I’ve added this one to my free gallery as well because all that I wrote above only works if enough people use it. If you have the means though, there’s never been a better time to be a DB Member 🙂

I hope you all stay smart and stay healthy. I will try to do both and get back to rendering stuff that helps you forget all this…

Non-watermarked lossless 8K version available to Lifetime Supporters and Plus Level Members (and above). Dual and triple-screen versions are on the way

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