Posted on December 8, 2019

Season of Light (Updated!)

Multi-Screen Render

Pickle Jar Versions

I’ve been spending the last week learning how to use Unreal Engine so there isn’t much to report on the new render front. I did listen to a few Member requests for a version of “Season of Light” with multi-colored lights. Figuring out how to do it in Plant Factory was a welcome distraction from figuring out the byzantine options in UE4. I can see some interesting uses for the method so stay tuned 🙂

My experiments with UE4 haven’t born any fruit to show you just yet but that did create an interesting Vue d’Esprit byproduct that I may be able to show you soon! These sorts of “secondary projects” will go a lot faster when I have Rochallor built. What’s that you ask?…

Have I mentioned that I would love to replace Bucephalus with something new??

Non-watermarked lossless 8K version available to Lifetime Supporters and Plus Level Members (and above). Dual and triple-screen versions are available!