Posted on May 29, 2019

Stormy Weather

Multi-Screen Render

Pickle Jar Versions

This one started as a simple exercise to see if I could model a lightning bolt using Plant Factory (I’d always used Lightwave in the past). Once modeled I wanted to create a dark scene where the sky is the focus. Growing up in Illinois I’ve always been enamoured with stormy skies. I hope you like the result.

Of course while it was rendering (almost 100 hours at 8K!) we’ve had day after day of actual stormy weather and I questioned whether or not I would even post it when it finished. I’m sure a good number my Midwestern neighbors are growing weary of skies like this.

Non-watermarked lossless 8K version available to Lifetime Supporters and Plus Level Members (and above). Multiscreen versions will start rendering soon.