Posted on March 24, 2017

Dome of the Blue Seeress (2017)

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After finishing the day version multiscreen I hoped to transition immediately to creating the night version that I had planned. Unfortunately my Vue d’Esprit software had other ideas. As has happened quite a few times before, I wasn’t able to re-open my scene file to continue working on the project. After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I managed to open an older version of the scene (without the vines) and rebuild things to where I could progress with my nocturnal version.

Unfortunately after rendering the single-screen version here Vue crashed and, once again, I wasn’t able to reopen my work. There are certainly a thing or two that I would like to tweak with this render but unfortunately that won’t be possible unless I spend another whole day rebuilding it (yet again). That also means the multiscreen version will be delayed.

Fortunately I think the render I do have looks nice enough to share. Let me know what you think!