Posted on February 1, 2017

First off, happy Birthday to my lovely and talented wife Jessica!! You don’t hear much from her, but trust me when I say that this gallery would not still be here without her hard work. I love you baby!

True North

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This piece is a “side-project” that I started in the middle of working on something else. I was working on a new sci-fi project and decided that an unused element would work nicely as an aurora. The scene was designed and rendered on my old Bucephalus workstation.

Signed Metal Prints

Just FYI, I’ve added metal as an option for my signed prints. We purchased one of my metal prints as a Christmas gift this year for some good friends of ours and were blown away by the results. They are a bit smaller than the wrapped canvases (max 30″ wide) but they are easy to hang and absolutely stunning.