Posted on January 25, 2017

A couple of new renders to post today.


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I will admit that this one is framed specifically for my own particular vertical triple-screen setup. I hope it looks great on yours. This one took quite a long time to render on “Bucephalus” due to the volumetric fog. For that reason I don’t have a multiscreen ready right now.

Unfortunately when I saved this scene file Vue 2016 messed up a lot of the texture maps and it will be quite a chore to reset them all. I will do it someday though I promise!! Let me know what you think!!


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I haven’t worked with Apophysis (a “2D” fractal “flame” generator) in quite a while so I decided to boot it up on Asfaloth while two particularly lengthy renders were finishing on my desktop workstations. I was particularly interested in the new “3D” features of the program and trying to emulate some of the incredible floral flame renders I’ve seen online.

This render doesn’t quite look floral yet, but I think it looks interesting enough to share in my gallery while I keep learning. Let me know what you think!