Posted on November 10, 2016

Lossless Master Files

As an added perk for the folks who are supporting my work at the Plus level (and above) and as Lifetime Supporters, I have started adding lossless master files to the download options. These PNG files are the same resolution as when I render them (6827 x 3840 is my current default) and do NOT have the watermark.

Lossless master files are available for the entire 2016/2015 gallery and I will have a zip file available soon. I will be adding master files for the older galleries in the days and weeks ahead. If enough folks are interested I will add multiscreen masters too.

If you would like to have access to these rather large (but beautiful) files I hope you will consider upgrading your Membership.

Not everyone will have a use for these files, but I wanted something extra I could offer the folks who have been most committed to supporting my work!