Posted on December 3, 2015

Above the Canopy

This one started out as an attempt to create a gas giant planet using only Lightwave “procedural” textures. Procedurals create colors and patterns mathematically as opposed to something hand-painted or a photo of Jupiter.

The advantage being that you can render them at extremely high resolutions and they don’t degrade. Some fractal textures create even more detail the higher the resolution.

So I wanted something that would fill an entire Vue sky with color. I posted such a version yesterday but I’m not sure the effect worked as well as I had hoped, but I do think the planet looks better scaled down a bit.

Don’t be surprised if you see more than one view of this planet in a future wallpapers. Just like this piece, the planet is a work-in-progress too 🙂

I have a couple of other wallpapers in development which should be showing up in the gallery soon. Stay tuned!!